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Bicycle Helmets reduce Brain injury up to 85%

by A Bisht on April 23, 2014

Tips For Bicycle Safety For Indian Roads. Information About Bicycle Safety Gear such as Bicycle Helmet, Elbow and Knee Guards Etc.

I agree with you, India doesn’t have road infrastructure such as bylanes for bicycle riders . But still giving your school going Child a bicycle is much safer for the kid and less stress for you, than giving him/her a scooter or a motor bike (motor Cycle). Afterall, speed is risk; and a bicycle can’t be accelerated that much.

 Bicycle Helmets reduce Brain injury up to 85%That said, just like a motorcycle or a scooter, a bicycle also needs safety gear like Bicycle helmet, Elbow & Knee guards or pads , and if the rider rides the bicycle on a busy road at night, then also a fluorescent top (worn over shirt) reflecting the light of the running vehicles. Among these , a Bicycle Helmet and a fluorescent Top is a must.

According to a the data released by Dayton Children’s Hospital , USA ,

“Helmets can reduce brain injury up to 85% and that’s really significant. The Helmet includes Bicycle Helmet as well.”

What kind of Bicycle helmet one should Buy :

Buy a Bicycle helmet that meets safety requirements, a safe helmet will have a tag from the Consumer Product Safety Commission and it will be clearly labeled on the helmet.

Benefits of buying a Bicycle for your Kid, along with vital Bicycle Safety Gear such a Bicycle Helmet :

1) The Child will be Safe

2) You as a parent will have less stress.

3) There’s a big difference between handing over a motorcycle or a bicycle to a school going kid. The big difference is : When a parent hands over a bicycle to a kid, and instructs him/her to follow safety precautions and traffic rules, the parent is indirectly making the kid more obedient and responsible. Some parents may be rich enough to even buy an aeroplane for the kid; but when they fulfill only those demands which conform to his/her age, they make the kid more grounded, responsible and obedient. It’s like Old Age Pension Scheme for parents.

Safety Precautions one should take (adults included) before Riding a Bicycle :

With so much traffic on Indian roads, taking full safety precautions while riding a bicycle is important. Intelligent people will not see this some weird thing to do . Foreigners who cover the entire country on Bicycles wear safety gear like Bicycle helmet for real reason.

Below are the Safety precautions every time you or your kid rides a bicycle :

1) Wear a Bicycle Helmet : The helmet must be tightly and properly strapped at the chin.

2) If possible have proper lighting on the bicycle, especially on the tail. Keep the taillight blinking in dark . At Least have good quality reflectors on the front and back.

3)Wear a White shirt while riding bicycle in the dar. It will be even better if you make your kid wear a Fluorescent Top (like the one Traffic police wear in Dark) while riding bicycle in the Dark.

4) Educate the kid on Basic Traffic Rules, such as :

a) Don’t overtake unnecessarily

b) Keep Left

c) Overtake only from the Right if the need be.

d) Never try to overtake a speedier and Heavier Vehicle.

e) Middle lanes are form vehicles with more Speed. Hence a Bicycle must not occupy the middle lanes.

f) Never Stop, Turn or change directions Abruptly.

The earlier you put your child to wearing Bicycle Helmet and respect traffic rules; the easier it’ll be for him/her to become a Law abiding citizen. Not to say, the kid will become more obedient too.


Narendra Modi uses ‘Rahul Bhaiya’ in Mumbai Rally

by Editor's Desk on April 22, 2014

Don’t know who is suggesting Narendra Modi such indirect attacks. But if Narendra Modi is making such indirect attacks on his own, then this man is clever and divisive. Clever and divisive to a sad extent.

In his Mumbai Rally yesterday, where Narendra Modi was sharing the stage with Shiv Sena, Modi used the word ‘Bhaiya’ for Rahul Gandhi .  And the use of ‘Rahul Bhaiya’ instantly got cheers, hoots , shouts and Whistles. Many reports described this as Narendra Modi successfully wooing youth in Mumbai rally.

MNS Attacking Autorickshaw 222x300 Narendra Modi uses Rahul Bhaiya in Mumbai RallyWhy this is clever and unfortunate. By calling Rahul Gandhi a Bhaiya in Mumbai, Narendra Modi was indirectly attacking the immigrants, that’s those who come to Mumbai from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Since Rahul Gandhi belongs to Amethi UP, calling Rahul Gandhi a Bhaiya in Mumbai fits the Bhaiya description (Bhaiya is used for UP and Bihar men in Mumbai Parlance). With Mumbai’s Shiv Sena and MNS voter having strong local mindset; Modi tried to make them happy with the nomenclature. But by using that terminology he gave his indirect approval to the attacks on the North Indians by MNS not so long ago.

Not so long ago, in order to fan the anti-PM sentiment in Punjab; and in order to distance Dr. Manmohan Singh from his Sikh identity , Narendra Modi used the following line to portray Manmohan Singh as an effeminate Sardar : “One Sardar has not acted the way Sardars act”. No wonder at that time he was sharing the stage with the Akali Dal.

Modi may now call his statement, making the puppy allegory for Muslims  in his Home State Gujarat , an innocent comparison; but that comparison was not good for a PM candidate. No matter how much hoots, shouts it received.

What is the Objection Here !

The objection is the change of stand. A PM Candidate can’t change his stand that easily , just to get votes. Say tomorrow, Modi visits Mangalore and there he sees a strong bias towards Women who go to discotheques and pubs. Will he indirectly give his approval to the attack on Women in a Mangalore Pub ?

But this is exactly what Modi is doing in his Election campaign. He is picking majority sentiment of the place and modifying his speech accordingly. In Punjab and Madhya Pradesh he speaks of scrapping Article 370. In Jammu he speaks of looking into Article 370 to make it more Women friendly.

If Modi has to become the PM of the country, he must show some integrity of thought. A PM must be compassionate and empathetic to every citizen of the country, irrespective of whether his vote can make an improvement in winning arithmetic. In short, a PM has the responsibility to safeguard Bhaiyas in Mumbai , as much as he has the responsibility to safeguard Maharashtrians in Benares UP. Changing one’s stance all too easily just to get votes or come to power , is Unfortunate and Sad.

PS: Narendra Modi’s PR is discreetly working on his attire . He’s seen wearing a pink Sadri (also called Nehru jacket) and a Muffler in Bihar ; a more smart attire in Mumbai. A saffron sadri in Jhansi and a Red sadri in Bengal. It’ will be good if he restricts that change to his attire only.


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