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Jharkhand Forest Guard Recruitment 2014 : 2204 Posts

Jharkhand Forest Guard Examination 2014 for recruitment of 2204 Forest guards in forests of Jharkhand. For Class 12th or +2. Age Limit 18-35 years.

Jharkhand goverment Jharkhand Forest Guard Recruitment 2014 : 2204 PostsJharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC), F – 49/50, Sector-III, Dhurwa, Ranchi – 834004 (Jharkhand), is conducting Jharkhand Forest Guard Examination 2014. JSSC invites Online application from Indian Citizen for selection of Forest Guards through Jharkhand Forest Guard Examination 2014. Below are the key details:

Forest Guard Posts

2204 posts in different districts of Jharkhand

Forest Guard Pay Scale

Rs. 5200 – 20200 grade pay Rs. 2000/-

Qualification for Forest Guard

10+2 or Class 12th

Age Limit for forest Guards

18-35 years, relaxation in age as per rules.

How to Apply : Apply online at JSAC website from 05/11/2014 to 22/12/2014 only.

For more details of Jharkhand Forest Guard Recruitment 2014 and for online application format :

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JSMDC Doranda Ranchi various Posts Oct-2014

Various Posts of General Manager (Finance, Mines), Accounts officer, 1st Class Mines Manager (Metal, Coal), 2nd class Mines Manager (Coal), Assistants etc in JSMDC Doranda Ranchi.

Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation Ltd. (JSMDC), Khanij Nigam Bhawan, Doranda, Ranchi – 834004 (Jharkhand), a Government of Jharkhand Undertaking, invites applications for the following posts on direct recruitment basis :

General Manager (Mines) : 01 post
General Manager (Finance) : 01 post
Accounts Officer : 02 posts
1st Class Mines Manager (Metal) : 01 post
1st Class Mine Manager (Coal) : 03 posts
2nd Class Mines Manager (Coal) : 04 posts
Medical Officer : 01 post
Overman : 02 posts
Mining Sirdar : 04 posts
Jr. Mechanic : 01 post
Electrical Supervisor : 01 post
Assistant : 11 posts

How to Apply : Duly filled application must reach the designated address on or before 22/11/2014 only.

Kindly visit http://www.jsmdc.in for more information and application format.

Chandigarh High Court Stenographer posts | 26 Posts

High Court of Punjab and Haryana, situated at Chandigarh, invites online applications on prescribed format for the vacancies of Senior Scale Stenographers on the Establishment of High Court Chandigarh. Below are the key details of Chandigarh High Court Stenographer posts :

Senior Scale Stenographer

26 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 10300 – 34800 Grade Pay Rs. 4400/-, Age : 21-30 years

How to Apply :  Apply Online on or before 18/11/2014 for Registration Step-I and on or before 21/11/2014 for Step-II.

For more  job advertisement details of Chandigarh High Court Stenographer posts and for application format:

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IIT Delhi Non-teaching posts Oct-2014

Non-teaching posts of Student Counsellor, Jr. Superintendent (Accounts), Sr. Assistant (Catering, accounts) in IIT Delhi.

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hauz Khas, New Delhi-16, invites applications for the non-teaching jobs. Below are the key details of IIT Delhi posts :

Student Counsellor : 01 post
Jr. Superintendent : / Jr. Accounts Officer : 14 posts
Sr. Assistant (Catering) / Jr. Assistant / Jr. Assistant (Accounts) : 66 posts

How to Apply : Duly filled application in the prescribed format must be sent to Recruitment Cell, Room No. MZ-113, IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016, India on or before 10/11/2014.

For more job advertisement details of the IIT Delhi non-teaching posts and for application format:

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Is Nitric Oxide the new method of weight loss or prevent Type 2 Diabetes ?

Depends on how you see the new study, I’m sharing with you now.

According to a new study by the Scientists from Edinburgh and Southampton (Scotland), led by colleagues at the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth, Western Australia : Sunlight is key to fighting childhood obesity and diabetes.

Spending more time in the sun is found to beat obesity and diabetes as a natural gas called nitric oxide, is released by the skin after exposure to sunlight. This nitric oxide gas helps people to control their metabolism and slow weight gain. When ultraviolet light (in the Sunlight) reacted with nitric oxide, the test mice displayed fewer warning signs of diabetes, such as abnormal glucose levels and resistance to insulin etc. The studies in the past have shown that nitric oxide can lower blood pressure after exposure to ultra-violet lamps. The nitric oxide released from the skin may have beneficial effects not only on heart and blood vessels but also on the way our body regulates metabolism. Apart from Nitric Oxide, the body produces vitamin D in response to sunlight, which also has health benefits such as stronger bones etc. That’s why Sunlight is called the biggest source of Vitamin D.

A finding which makes the researchers recommend soaking up in the Sun (a Sheryl Crow Song) to prevent weight gain, pace up metabolism, prevent childhood obesity, childhood diabetes and prevent type 2 diabetes. The study didn’t find the direct link between nitric oxide and lowered risk of Type 2 diabetes though.

The researchers say that rubbing a cream containing Nitric Oxide Nitric Oxide for weight loss and prevent Diabetes Type 2  on to the skin can have the same effect. Which is not a very new advice as some bodybuilders of both sexes are already using nitric oxide before and after their workouts Nitric Oxide for weight loss and prevent Diabetes Type 2 .

The findings, published in the journal Diabetes, show the benefits of moderate exposure to the sun’s rays. What we can learn for the study. Soak up some Sun Everyday. It’s always good to be Natural.

An year or two ago, a major controversy arose in the blogging World. At Techcrunch Disrupt event (an event where luminaries of the tech world sit on stage and discuss various technologies, trends and future of tech) on the Future of internet, the Wikipedia Founder told the audience his reasons as to why blogging will go into oblivion in coming years. The Techcrunch person contradicted this and called the Wikipedia man an ignorant, and declared that blogging will remain in this world, until humans can read between the lines and come up with viewpoints, inferences and assertions , both robots and average human beings are incapable of.

The argument looks quite strong, going by the ever increasing number of blogs and opinion blogs growing head and head with the information sites.

 Chetan Bhagat as Parent and Tablet PC for Kids... Chetan Bhagat as Parent and Tablet PC for Kids...The techcrunch disrupt blogging controversy came to my mind, when I saw Fire HD 6 Kids Edition Tablet Chetan Bhagat as Parent and Tablet PC for Kids... ad today. The tablet is specifically made for kids and comes with kid-proof protective case. The ad eve shows the kids’ cereal spilled over the entire kids tablet screen. As obvious, the tablet is loaded with everything a kid loves; and what his/her parents see as a learning tool (interactive games, building blocks, alphabets, etc.). Or the kids tablet contains everything which engages the parents to their tasks, so that the kid doesn’t disturb them. Why I said so? As this is exactly the USP of these tablets for kids. The parents may buy these as a learning tool, but subconsciously they want to buy something which can engage the kid better. But are these PC tablets and all these interactive games on screens of various sizes good for the kid?

Coming back to the blogging and humans ability to think in astronomical proportions, it’s time we think about these interactive learning tools for kids on TVs, PCs , Laptops or tablets. Are these really helping the kids? or are they making the kid constantly distracted ? Are they making the kid devoid of enthusiasm?

From my observation, I have found that too much interactivity in the learning process of toddlers makes them poor learners. How? As unless something is not interactive, attractive or three dimensional, they don’t want to focus on it. This makes them a lazy learner.

The test of a developing mind is not the number of facts a child can remember. The real test is how much he/she can learn from a situation or a simple apparatus. You would have often seen a baby play with an empty carton for hours. The act can be a child play, but that’s how the baby is developing his/her brain. He/she is understanding various spatial dimensions, permutations and combinations, when he/she tilts the box on every face. Till a very higher age, simple non-interactive situations and toys are the best learning aids for kids. For the same reason, a good book made up of paper teaches not only the kids, but also the adults, the Universe of wisdom and knowledge.

The favourite writer of young men and women in India, Chetan Bhagat, has one interesting rule for his twins. The rule is: “No Screen For Kids”. Both are under 10. Chetan Bhagat’s rule may look extreme to some, and it may be. But even then, limiting screens like one limits daily regimen of study or activity, will be Good.

Happy Diwali to Dehradun Post Readers! Play Safe and Enjoy…

IGNOU Re-Registration Explanation

IGNOU Logo IGNOU Re Registration ExplanationIGNOU learners often have confusion regarding the IGNOU Re-registration process.

They see it as a mandatory registration after every 2 years elapse in their IGNOU Programme.

For instance, say a person takes admission in IGNOU MBA. He takes admission in January 2015. Then the minimum duration to complete the ignou mba will be 2.5 years and maximum duration will be 8 years.

The IGNOU Re-registration doesn’t mean that the person has to re-register after every 2 years. It means something else.

In short, he/she doesn’t have to pay the IGNOU re-registration fee if his/her course goes beyond two years.

Meaning of IGNOU re-Registration

For every paper/credit , the maximum time given to pass the paper or ignou credit is 2 years or 4 TEEs (Term End Exams). If a learner fails to pass a paper in two years, he/she has to re-register for the paper/credit/subject. Re-registration simply means, submitting the Rs 1500 fee once again. The re-registration extends the registration to 2 more years, and the IGNOU learner gets 2 more years or 4 TEEs to pass that paper. The registration is treated as admitting for the paper(s) once again, hence the learner will be dispatched the study material once again.

The expiry of 2 years registration period begins with the registration date. Since an IGNOU learner registers for next semester at the beginning of the semester, hence the two years expiry period for successive papers keeps moving forward.

For example, for the IGNOU MBA papers registered at the time of admission, say January 2015, the limit will be Dec 2016 TEE. For the ignou MBA papers, the learner registered in July-December 2015 Semester, the limit will be June 2017 TEE.

There are no negative effects of registration. It’s simply allowing the learner time to clear a subject/paper/credit.

Hope you understood the IGNOU Re-Registration.

Indians with Black money abroad : Disclosure of names will embarrass Congress, Arun Jaitley says.

Finding itself on the back foot on the question of black-money, the finance minister Arun Jaitley on Tuesday tried to hit back at Congress saying the party will be embarrassed if the names of people holding illicit foreign accounts are made public.

Talkin with NDTV’s Barkha Dutt, this is what he said,

“The names will be public shortly … I can assure you there is no embarrassment I will have when all the names are disclosed. There is some embarrassment the Congress party will have because of those names,”

Why is Jaitley so much concerned about the the embarrassment to Congress. If he has the list or if he is soon to receive one, then he better make it public. There’s not need to empathise with Black money holders, irrespective of the political party they belong to. Such an attempt to float rumors or speculations disguised-as-empathy is even bad for a Union Minister who is most capable and empowered to take an action on black money. The comment from Arun Jaitley is not very different from former Home Minister and Congress man Sushil Kumar Shinde, who when his party was in power blamed Hindutva Groups of running terrorist camps in the country. His assertion may be correct, but for a Home Minister all words and no action means encouraging rumors.

Mr. Jaitley also raised the question of India’s double taxation avoidance agreement with Germany.  Mr. Jaitley is unnecessarily bringing the Double taxation avoidance agreement into the picture. The DTA agreement is simply an agreement inked by the countries doing commerce with each other.

If we are serious about Black Money

If the new Government can disclose the names to the Court, then it must do that. Mr. Jaitley must not worry too much about the names presented to Court getting leaked to the media. From the last few years the country is being shown fake lists, atleast this time around, the list will be genuine.

This is what Jaitley said, airing his worry,

“No, it (tax avoidance treaty) did not prevent us from disclosing the names. It merely says disclose it to a court and don’t disclose it to the media. And when you disclose it to a court, it automatically gets carried into the media. That’s all we are saying,”

In addition, Mr. Jaitley’s statement that the names of those account holders against whom charges are filed by Indian authorities would be disclosed in the court shortly, is not sufficient. As that will touch only the tip of the black money stashed abroad. The logic says, most of the black money stashed abroad doesn’t belong to politicians, bureaucrats and offers in defence. The most of the black money abroad belongs to the corporates.  The corporates who make young men and women work for them for petty salaries. Unless such crony capitalists are brought to book, bringing back black money will remain a token exercise. But there are real reasons why BJP will want not to touch these corporates. That’s why the new Government must stop hypocrisy and do something substantial on Black money. Circulating rumors or misreporting facts will not help it.

Diet Coke is Light!

Diet Coke is Light Diet Coke is Light!

Diet Coke is Light … Isn’t It?


The Making of Diet Coke is Light

Diet Coke is Light 1 Diet Coke is Light!

Don’t make Your Bed in the Morning | Study

If you’re in a habit of folding your bed every morning, then a recent study wants you not to do that. Bed sheets and bed quilts (in Hindi Razai) when folded, become favourable for the growth of dust mites (microscopic organisms). These dust mites are responsible for morning sneezes and clogged nostrils. The disarrayed unkempt bed in a bachelor’s den is best for the health.

The researchers advise us to keep the bed as if it was in disarray. One thing they encourage is turning the quit in the morning , bottom face up.

It’s always advisable to put the quilts and mattress in the Sun, once in a few days.