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Hardik Patel is being portrayed as a messiah of Patel Community in Gujarat. A 22 year old messiah who has emerged, all of a sudden, in the political horizon, demanding OBC status to the Patels.

Is the picture that simple?

I don’t think so. There are questions which need to be answered first, before one can arrive at any simple conclusion.

Since most of our readers are young men and women, hence it seems logical to look at the emergence of Hardik Patel in detail.

Hardik Patel’s father is a BJP leader.

Up till some months ago, Hardik had also been a BJP worker.

Hardik Patel’s stand on Reservation is very confusing. For instance, he often demands the Nation to ‘get rid of the Quota’ and offer jobs to people on the basis of ability (this is BJP’s line on reservation). His party spokespersons even try to tag ‘Reservation in Jobs’ as unnecessary; as it was something (as they believe) which was thrust upon the country.

After the massive Rally, the Police targeted the media, broke their cameras and assaulted the media people. Why? I think, to present a picture of the police and the State Government as someone who are anti-rally. When media people are beaten, they assumed that the State Government is against Patel Reservation demand.

After the massive Rally in Ahmadabad, Police were being shown damaging property in non-Patel localities.

If Patels are given OBC status then close to 80 percent of people in Gujarat will come under the ambit of Reservation (Patels constituting 20 percent of the population). Although this will not happen, as Patels don’t fulfill the ‘Social discrimination’ criterion for Reservation; still as question arises — what is the primary motive behind Patel’s demand for reservation?

I think, the motive is simply to bring the Question of reservation back into the Nation’s discourse.

The forces behind Hardik Patel, seem to be acting on the trick that, if reservation is given to all, then it will automatically mean Reservation to none.

I think, this itself is a bad trick, as contrary to what is being propagated in the society; reservation is increasingly becoming irrelevant on the question of merit. I’ve studied the cut off marks for many State and Central recruitment exams, and have found that the gap between the cut-off marks for different categories is becoming lesser and lesser. That’s why any grudge or envy for Reservation is least required.

Under this light, it’s necessary to see the emergence of Hardik Patel and the demand for Patel reservation, as an attempt to deprive those castes who are given reservation by the Constitution.

Like it or not, the emergence of Hardik Patel, appears to be another mischievous ploy, to divide the Nation on the question of Reservation.

If that’s the case, then Reservation in jobs, is still something that must be protected at all costs.

Day before yesterday, the TV News Channels reported that the number of Indians who have given up their LPG subsidy has reached 23 Lakh.

Good, if they did it consciously. And not by mistake.

I’m saying this, as the IVRS gas booking menu of Indane is so confusing that I suspect many of the customers might have given up their LPG gas subsidy by mistake.

If you have recently booked (refilled) your Indane LPG cylinder through Indane’s IVRS menu, then you already know what I’m talking about.

The Automated message first exhorts the caller to give-up the LPG subsidy and then says press ‘0’ to Give up subsidy; and press ‘1’ to refill your gas cylinder. The two messages are so confusingly intermingled that if the consumer doesn’t pay attention, then he can give up LPG subsidy by mistake.

I don’t know why such tactics are being adopted. Logic says, the option to give-up LPG subsidy shouldn’t be there in the IVRS menu in the very first place. If anyone wants to give-up subsidy; then he/she can visit either the online website or his/her gas agency. After all it must be a well thought out decision.

Modi Government creating Class division in Society!

I always feel that the best way to respond to disagreements is to take time before airing one’s views. This habit works well, as it gives the person ample time to reconsider, and release anger, if any.

On this Independence Day Speech, PM Narendra Modi informed the Nation that the Government’s request to the Well-off people in Indian society to give up their LPG subsidy is already showing results; and till now more than 3 Lakh people have given up their LPG subsidy.

Modi Government creating Class division in SocietyI always believed that an elected Government requesting its citizens to give up some subsidy is NOT a good thing. Simply because, such requests create a Class division in the society. Take for instance the Modi Government’s request made to the economically able people in the society, to give up LPG subsidy. The call has created a picture in the minds of many Indians, that when a Government offers subsidy to the poor or economically weaker people (any one who benefits from such subsidies);  the Government manages to do so, only when economically well-off or rich people, give-up their right.

This is not a good thing. As every citizen of the Country benefits from Government policies based on his/her necessity. For instance, those who don’t benefit from BPL Schemes, avail the subsidies given by the Government to Universities for Higher Education. Ask yourself: How many Rickshaw-pullers or construction labours manage to send their children to college, let alone send to Engineering or Medical Colleges? 

In the same way, even the top 1 percent people (in terms of Wealth) benefit from tax concessions from the Government. It’s ironical that whenever people indulge in drawing room debates, they only criticize the food security given to the needy; or the fertilizer subsidy given to farmers. They seldom discuss, the cost at which they got the Land Line Phone or the Broadband connection; and what amount the Government spent in providing them the facility. Most of the times, the Government subsidises such services by 80-90 percent.

In simple, it’s not good for a Government to ask people to give up subsidies.

If the government doesn’t want to give any subsidy above a certain economic level; then it should do it universally. It should make a policy and implement it. The way BPL, APL benchmarks had been created in the PDS System or Public Distribution System.

In the same way, if the Government doesn’t want the people above a certain economic level to avail LPG subsidy; then it must do it universally. That apart, there are better ways to contain the subsidy spending. For instance, to insure that the owners of 30 Lakh or 50 Lakh Rupees private vehicles don’t benefit from the diesel subsidy ; then the best way to do this is to make such vehicles expensive. So that anyone who is simply buying a diesel vehicle to benefit from lesser diesel prices,  is left with no significant benefit in the long run; as he is already paying much money at the time of purchase.

From the last couple of weeks, TV Channels are airing Suraksha Bandhan Advertisment. In the advertisement, the PM is shown requesting the citizens (again the rich people) to gift one of the two of the insurance Schemes of Modi Government, to their servants, gatekeepers or Housemaids.

My Question is: Why such a request ? why doesn’t the Government implement existing laws or create new laws, to ensure the economic security of such people who work at parasitic wages in such unorganized sectors?   

From September 1, 2015 , all Government and Private Banks in India will remain closed on 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.


Someone has rightly said : You don’t win Silver, you LOSE Gold.

The Euphemism (One Liners loaded with Wisdom) came to my mind the moment I learned that India’s Ace Badminton player Saina Nehwal has yet again succumbed to pressure in an important match — the final of World Badminton Championship.

With no disrespect to any one, I had a feeling, before the match, that we would soon hear Saina win a silver. Unfortunately, that feeling proved correct.

Why I had that feeling?

That too when Saina had better record against Spain’s Carolina María Marín Martín.

The reason is : Saina Nehwal’s reluctance to fight her own battles. Even after becoming the number ONE Woman badminton player in the World, she still seems to dependent on her father for the motivation.

In every person’s life, irrespective of the profession one is in, there comes a time; when he/she has to fight his/her own battles.

Fighting one’s own battles, means depending on no one but SELF for motivation and rising out of any disappointment and failure. Even if you fall, you have to stand up yourself. Without any Support.

Unfortunately, for both Saina Nehwal and cricketer Yuvraj Singh; such battles are constantly being fought by their parents. The more their parents try to motivate them and cheer them up, the more weak Saina and Yuvraj will become.

This is the similarity between Saina Nehwal and Yuvraj Singh

Fight Your Battle Yourself

If you’re preparing for some competitive exam, searching for a new job or fighting any battle in your life; FIGHT YOUR BATTLE YOURSELF. The strength to face situations must come from within.

Want any role model? Then take inspiration from India’s most successful Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Even when Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh publicly abused Dhoni; not only MSD kept his cool, but neither his father nor mother appeared on TV News channels to defend their son.

IGNOU Learners or IGNOU Students often ask this question : I appeared in IGNOU TEE without submitting the respective IGNOU Assignment, how can I submit the assignment now?

The Answer to the Question is: Appearing in IGNOU TEE without submitting the Assignment, is invalid. As per IGNOU rules, Submission of assignments is mandatory for TEE. That’s you can’t appear in TEE without submitting the IGNOU TEE. In other words, submit IGNOU assignment First, get the submission verified in your IGNOU Examination form and submit the Examination form in your IGNOU Regional Centre.

Below is an IGNOU Announcement made on 09 February, 2011.

Submission of assignments is mandatory for TEE

All IGNOU students must submit their assignments in order to get hall tickets for the Term End Examination (TEE), the Student Evaluation Division (SED) has announced.

“All IGNOU students are required to ensure the validity of their registration and submission of assignments of the courses for which they intend to appear in TEE. They are also required to get their examination forms authenticated from their Study Centres/ Programme Study Centres/Special Study Centres/Recognised Study Centres/Partner Institutions/Community Colleges/Convergence Centres/Programme Coordinators, etc. to this effect and submit the same at their respective Regional Centres,” said Prof Pushplata Tripathi, Registrar, SED.

Hope this clears any confusion, once and for all.

… Even when the child can’t perform as per your expectation even in secondary school level. There’s no point of getting angry with the child, when the very skills of reading and writing skills are pretty much predisposed.

According to a recent study, the manner in which a three year old child responds to sounds in a noisy environment, can give a reasonable clue as to how the child will perform in literacy skills (the ability to read and write) in future.

Brain wave test could predict your child’s reading abilities

A test that measures how the brain of a 3-year-old responds to sounds in a noisy environment predicts the child’s odds of struggling with reading a year later, say the researchers at Northwestern University.

The Study found that three year olds who responded to better sounds in a noisy environment would score better on pre-reading tests an year later.

The study which tested children from 3-14 years of age found that , 14 year olds who responded better to the consonant sounds played at the same time as a movie, score better on literacy tests, compared to those who didn’t.

… courtesy the study findings, the parents must be understanding and hence reasonable of their child’s reading and writing skills.

Last date to apply for GMCH Chandigarh Medical Lab Technician posts | September 09

Medical Lab Technician posts in GMCH ChandigarhGovernment Medical College & Hospital (GMCH) D Block, Sector-32, Chandigarh — under Chandigarh Administration Department of Medical Education & Research — invites online applications for the posts of Medical Lab Technicians, to be recruited on a consolidated contract basis. Below are the key details of GMCH Chandigarh Medical Lab Technician posts  :

Medical Lab Technician

06 posts (UR-4, SC-1, ST-1)

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Last Date to apply online for Flight Attendants Contract Jobs in Air India Express Airline | September 01

Flight Attendants Contract JobsAir India Express Limited, Air-India Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400021, India — Air India Charters Ltd. invites online applications from interested and eligible candidates for Airline Attendants contract jobs, as per requirements and to maintain a wait-list, on a fixed term contract, for a period of three years, for its low cost Airline Air India Express. The Airline attendants will undertake flying duties on board the aircraft in Kozhikode /Mangalore/ Kochi/ Thiruvananthapuram. Below are the key details of Flight Attendants Contract Jobs in Air India Express Airline :

Airline Attendants or Flight Attendants

193 posts (UR-98, OBC-49, SC-32, ST-14), Age : 18-24 years,

Qualification for Flight Attendants : 10+2 years

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Some months ago, Actor Radhika Apte’s nude clip from a film got leaked online. It was reported widely that the 14 second clip, which is from a 20-minute short film, Prada, directed by Anurag Kashyap; shows the actress lifting her floral dress to expose the bare lower front part of her body to a man. The actress remained silent on the leaked clip at that time. Now when the movie is going to release; the actress finally decided to talk about the clip.

In a recent interview, Radhika says that she chose to remain silent at that time simply because speaking about the clip before the release would not make any sense, as people would have started seeing it out of context. She decided to open her mouth now, as now the audience can see the nude clip in the context of the movie.

As an actor, Radhika must not bother about these things. The decision to do the nude scene was her choice; now in what context, the viewer sees it, is none of her business. Things would have been different if some of her personal moment or some clip taken without her consent had gone viral. As an actor she must see the clip as a professional decision.

Radhika Apte is a fine actor, if she has done something as an actor, then why try to thrust upon a fixed perspective upon the audience.

That said, her performance in a recently released Sujoy Ghosh short Film, Ahalya, where she has played the role of a young wife of an aging artist, is getting rave reviews. The movie is Sujoy Ghosh’s feminist take on the famous mythological story. Sujoy Ghosh is all praise about the way Radhika Apte managed to bring an understated sensuality to her role.