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Lets side Arvind Kejriwal on who Rules Delhi!

For more than two weeks now, Delhi and the country is rattled with one question  — who rules Delhi OR Who’s the real ruler of Delhi?

Is it the Leutinent Governor Najib Zung OR the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal?

I think, without any second thoughts, we should side Arvind Kejriwal.

Why? Because of the following reasons:

1) We the People are the Rulers : Lets set aside what the Constitution of India says about the powers of Lieutenant Governor. The real rulers of India are its People. People rule through their elected representatives, hence a Chief Minister has always the bigger right to rule, than an LG.

2) How Will a Chief Minister Govern and implement Things : If a Lieutenant Governor quashes down the decisions made by a CM and his Government, then how on Earth the CM and his Government govern and carry out new policies. The Delhi LG’s decision to hand-pick a Chief Secretary could had been tolerated, if he had not quashed all Government orders after that. If this is the way LG will act, then no single order of the elected Government could survive.

3) Delhi is neither a full Union Territory not a Full state : This means that the Constitutional provision that a Governor must take decision only on the advice of the CM, applies to Delhi as well.

4) High Court latest observation : The Delhi High Court on Monday said that the Anti-Corruption Branch (ACB) of Delhi Government has the power to arrest police personnel, even when the Delhi Police comes under Union Government. Thus, the Honorable HC denied bail to Delhi Police Head Constable Anil Kumar, arrested in connection with a bribery charge.

Actually the Hc observed that since Delhi Police operates in Delhi, hence it comes under Delhi Government’s jurisdiction as well. You can see this development as the Aam Aadmi Party’s argument that, the BJP’s claim that Lieutenant Governor is the real ruler of Delhi, is wrong. Simply because Delhi has many characteristics of a State ( a partial State). The BJP led Union Government is trying to present Delhi as black & white picture of LG’s rule, when the picture is not that simple.

The judgment points to the fact that LG’s recent decisions are not that innocent and the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal led State government’s machinery has real powers.

5) BJP Government’s argument is full of contradictions : When BJP says the LG is the real ruler of Delhi, then it dilutes the People’s Rule in the Country. Does BJP support Governor, LG and Bureaucracy displace an elected CM in other states in India?

In other words will BJP allow Delhi LG replace the collective wisdom of 67 member AAP Government in Delhi?

The day BJP made its Minister from North East, term IAS Shakuntala Gamlin’s issue as a  victimization of a person from North East, it became sufficiently clear that the Union Government is doing politics on the issue. After all, an IAS is not any common joe from North East. He/she is much powerful to be victimized. Especially when he/she managed to reach the Senior IAS cadre.

Lets ask the Union Government to allow Kejriwal Government to govern Delhi peacefully. If the elected Government in Delhi is interrupted time and again, then the biggest losers will be the people of Delhi.


Last Date to apply for Grade I and Grade II Stenographer posts in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Janakpuri New Delhi | June 30

sanskrit-logoRashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Janakpuri, New Delhi — Deemed University — invites applications on prescribed format from interested and eligible Indian Nationals for Stenographer Grade-I and Stenographer Grade-II posts. Below are the key details of stenographer posts in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Janakpuri  :

Grade I and Grade II Stenographer posts in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan

Stenographers Grade-I

06 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800 grade pay Rs.4200, Age : 35 years

Stenographers Grade-II

03 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 5200-20200 grade pay Rs.2400, Age : 27 years

How to Apply : Duly filled application form must reach the Registrar, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Janakpuri, New Delhi latest by 30/06/2015.

For more job details, job advertisement and application form for Stenographer posts in Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan Janakpuri :

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5 Facts about PRADHAN MANTRI JEEVAN JYOTI BIMA YOJANA which are not being Told

Ever since Modi led BJP Government at Centre started advertising its PRADHAN MANTRI JEEVAN JYOTI BIMA YOJANA, BJP spokespersons are giving incorrect information on various TV news channels. There’s no exceptions here, all BJP spokespersons are hiding facts and giving incorrect information to the Nation. This is being done by telling blatant lies or by hiding the facts behind the veils of lack of information. Only question being: Is it possible for a spokesperson, participating in a debate on PRADHAN MANTRI JEEVAN JYOTI BIMA YOJANA, not to have information on the Rules of the Scheme.

Hence lets see what the Facts are (Source : Government of India website Here)


1. LIC or Life Insurance Corporation is NOT the sole Insurance Provider

BJP Spokespersons are saying that only Government owned LIC will administer the PMJJBY.

Wrong. The Official document says :

The scheme would be offered / administered through LIC and other Life Insurance companies willing to offer the product on similar terms with necessary approvals and tie ups with Banks for this purpose. Participating banks will be free to engage any such life insurance company for implementing the scheme for their subscribers.

Hence the argument that the scheme is aimed at Private Insurance Companies benefit from the Scheme, is valid.

If anyone is still in any doubts, then these make them fade:

Participating Banks will be the Master policy holders. A simple and subscriber friendly administration & claim settlement process shall be finalized by LIC / other insurance company in consultation with the participating bank.

Participating banks will be free to engage any such life insurance company for implementing the scheme for their subscribers.

The scheme, subject to the above, will be administered by the LIC P&GS Units / other insurance company setups.


2. Premium can increase in Future

The BJP spokespersons are saying the premium of Rs. 330 will not be increased.

The official document says something else:

However, barring unforeseen adverse outcomes of extreme nature, efforts would be made to ensure that there is no upward revision of premium in the first three years.

The experience of the scheme will be monitored on yearly basis for re-calibration etc., as may be necessary.

What “unforeseen adverse outcomes of extreme nature” and “scheme will be monitored on yearly basis for re-calibration etc.” mean?

This simply means that if the insurance companies have to pay lakhs of people due to some natural calamity or if the insurance companies say that it’s not possible to provide cover at that premium, then they can increase the premium.


3. The Insurance Scheme can be Discontinued

This line in the official document points to this fact:

The scheme is liable to be discontinued prior to commencement of a new future renewal date if circumstances so require.


4. No Contribution of the Central Government

When a Government starts such Schemes, it makes money contribution to the scheme. You will not find even a single Scheme from past Governments where the Government didn’t contribute 50 percent of more to the coffer. In this PMJJBY there’s NO contribution of the Modi Government. This is surprising, when the scheme is being advertised as PM Modi doling out financial security to the citizens.

This is the appropriation or distribution of the premium paid by YOU.

Appropriation of Rs.330/- per annum per member Premium:

Rs. 289 + Rs. 30 + Rs. 11 = Rs 330

  • Insurance Premium to LIC / insurance company : Rs.289/- per annum per member
  • Reimbursement of Expenses to BC/Micro/Corporate/Agent : Rs.30/- per annum per member
  • Reimbursement of Administrative expenses to participating Bank: Rs.11/- per annum per member

5. Money once paid will be forfeited

In case a member is covered under PMJJBY with LIC of India / other company through more than one account and premium is received by LIC / other company inadvertently, insurance cover will be restricted to Rs. 2 Lakh and the premium shall be liable to be forfeited.

What if someone does this due to lack of information.


6. No Money will be paid at Maturity

When a person buys a Life insurance, he/she gets two benefits:

a) assurance on the life (an amount on the event of death) and;

b) the amount paid till the maturity of the scheme in  the form of annual premiums + Bonus (called non-claim bonus). This way an insurance is also an investment instrument.

For instance If I pay 1000 Rs. annually for 10 years for a Life Insurance Policy. And if I don’t die within this period then after the policy period I will get 1000 x 10 + non-claim bonus. Thus I’ll get an amount Rs. 14000 or more. Why, as I paid Rs 10,000 every year to the insurance company.

The Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana is paying YOU nothing.

As per the Termination of assurance on the life section in the official document:

The Policy will terminate on any of the following events and no benefit will become payable there under:

  • On attaining age 55 years (age near birth day) subject to annual renewal up to that date (entry, however, will not be possible beyond the age of 50 years).

This means if a person survives till the age of 55, he will get NOTHING.

Take for instance, a person started paying premium at age 18 and paid all annual               premiums till age 50. By then He would have paid the Insurance Company 33                     annual premiums. Thus he would have paid the Insurance company Rs. 330 x 33               = Rs 10890

And he/she will get nothing.

  • Closure of account with the Bank or insufficiency of balance to keep the insurance in force.

This way a big percentage of the scheme holders will see their policies closed. And what about the money they had paid before the closure? That will be forfeited by the Insurance Company.

This is usually not the case of Life Insurance schemes. You can pay pending premiums and continue the scheme. Although, here as well, if the insurance cover is ceased due to any technical reasons such as insufficient balance on due date or due to any administrative issues, the same can be reinstated on receipt of full annual premium and a satisfactory statement of good health. But still, the manner in which the Modi Government is spending crores of Rupees to advertise the scheme, it’s very likely that a large section of students, daily wage earners, poor, housewives will opt for the Scheme and after the initial one or two premiums, the Insurance will become inactive. Why, as there will be no money in the account. This is not over reasoning. If you’re a student and hold a bank account, tell me how much money on an average remains in that account.

Experts are of the opinion that 7 out every 10 bank accounts opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan account have no money in them. Experts believe that people opened these accounts either due to excessive advertising from the Government or by believing in the promise that a substantial money will be deposited by the Government in these bank accounts (the Black Money which will be brought back) .

Whatever be the reason. If 70 percent of the bank accounts linked to PMJJBY become dormant, imagine the amount of money Insurance Companies will make.


You can disagree with me, but Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana doesn’t look a good scheme to invest in. The reason is simple, there are better schemes in the market, which are aimed at benefitting the policyholder. The Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana appears to be created keeping in mind the Insurance companies only.

You have to understand Insurance business, in order to understand  Insurance risk cover.

Put simply, you must not see Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana as offering you ‘2 Lakh Life cover for just Rs 330 a year’.

That apart, note that when an insurance company gets the premium from a certain number of people, it covers the risk of one policy holder. For instance, when an insurance company takes premium from 10 people, it covers risk of one person. Lets do the calculation here. Say ten 18 year olds pay premium up to 55 years. The Insurance company gets Rs 3300 from these 10 people the first year, Rs 6600 the second year, and so on. Five years before the last premium paid by these 10 people, the insurance company will have Rs. 90,900. If one assumes that money doubles in 5 years, then by the time the last premium is paid, the insurance company already has Rs. 1,81,800. Thus in simple, with each passing year, the money cofer from these 10 people will increase; that apart the insurance company will get zero percent money, which can invest at any place to make more money. As keeping in view the life expectancy of above 65 years in India; and claims if any pertaining to road accidents [ According to 2013 Data, 1,40,000 people died in road accidents in India in 2013] , the scheme will enable insurance companies collect large money. The deaths due to other reasons increase after 55 years , and the Life cover ends at 55 years itself. Hence “Insurance Scheme offering life insurance cover for death due to any reason” is misleading.

The argument that LIC’s money is used for people’s welfare doesn’t fully apply here, as there are other insurance companies allowed in Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) as well. These companies will work for enriching themselves.

Ideally, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY):

1. would have given 2 Lakh Insurance cover for FREE. No money to be paid by the people. The scheme would have the same rules, i.e. open to 18-55 years and death due to any reason. It would have costed the Government only Rs 3000 crore.

2. If the Government wants people to pay for the Life cover, then it should pay back the money paid by the person on completion of the policy + non-claim bonus.

at this moment, the Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY) appears to be Business Centric. In addition, it appears another attempt by the Government to take credit for no contribution.

If you still want to apply for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY). then here are the key details :

The Scheme needs to be renewed Every Year: The scheme will be a one year cover, renewable from year to year, Insurance Scheme offering life insurance cover for death due to any reason. The person would be eligible to join the scheme through one savings bank account only. Aadhar would be the primary KYC for the bank account.

Eligibility Conditions:

a) The savings bank account holders of the participating banks aged between 18 years (completed) and 50 years (age nearer birthday) who give their consent to join / enable auto-debit, as per the above modality, will be enrolled into the scheme.
b) Individuals who join after the initial enrollment period extending up to 31st August 2015 or 30th November 2015, as the case may be, will be required to give a self-certification of good health and that he / she does not suffer from any of the critical illnesses as mentioned in the applicable Consent cum Declaration form as on date of enrollment or earlier.


Last date to apply for NITRD New Delhi Lab Assistant posts, Hospital Multi-Tasking Staff Posts in Dietary, Sanitation and General Departments | June 20

NITRD New Delhi Lab AssistantNational Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases (NITRD), Sri Aurobindo Marg (Near Qutub Minar), New Delhi – 110030 — an Autonomous Institute of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India — invites applications from Indian Nationals for various posts in the prescribed format in NITRD New Delhi. Below are the key details of NITRD New Delhi Lab Assistant, Staff Posts :

Hospital Multi-Tasking Staff – Dietary

04 posts

Hospital Multi-Tasking Staff – Sanitation

23 posts

Hospital Multi-Tasking Staff – General Others

17 posts

Laboratory Assistant

02 posts

How to Apply : Applications in the prescribed format must be sent to the office of Director at above address on or before 20/06/2015.

For more job details, job advertisement and the application format for NITRD New Delhi Lab Assistant posts, Staff Posts :

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Last Date to apply for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority jobs (NOIDA) | June 8

New Okhla Industrial Development Authority jobsNew Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA), Sector 6, Noida – 201301, District Gautam Budh Nagar — invites applications in the prescribed format for various New Okhla Industrial Development Authority jobs. Below are the key details:

Accounts Officer : 03 posts
Manager : 06 posts
Assistant Director (Horticulture) : 01 post
Assistant Store Purchase Officer : 01 post
Programmer : 01 post
Junior Engineer (Civil) : 21 posts
Assistant Legal (Law) Officer : 03 posts
Horticulture Inspector : 14 posts
Planning Assistant : 08 posts
Stenographer : 03 posts
Lekhpal : 04 posts
Assistant Accountant : 31 posts
Junior Assistant : 04 posts
Junior Purchase Assistant : 03 posts
Draftsman : 01 post
Computer Operator Gr. A : 08 posts
Assistant Caretaker : 01 post
Assistant Mechanic cum Operator : 14 posts
Driver : 29 posts
Electrician : 08 posts
Modular : 01 post
Store Clerk : 02 posts
Guard (Chowkidar) : 04 posts
Messenger : 26 posts
Sweeper : 10 posts
Beldar : 10 posts
Gardener : 34 posts
Work Mistry : 04 posts

How to Apply : Applications on the prescribed format should be sent on or before 08/06/2015.

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AIIMS Bhubaneswar Faculty Posts | May 2015

Last date to apply for AIIMS Bhubaneswar Faculty Posts of Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Medical Physicists | May 28

AIIMS Bhubaneswar Faculty PostsAll India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Sijua, Patrapada, Bhubaneswar – 751019, Odisha — invites applications from interested and eligible candidates for the posts of Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Medical Physicists on contract basis on consolidated emoluments. Below are the key details of AIIMS Bhubaneswar Faculty Posts :

Assistant Professor : 07 posts
Associate Professor : 03 posts
Medical Physicist : 01 post

How to Apply : An Application Fee of Rs.500/- (Rs. 200/- for SC/ST candidates) to be paid in Bank of India. Application form in the prescribed format must be sent to The Administrative Officer, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Sijua, Post : Dumuduma, Bhubaneswar – 751019 by Speed Post / Register Post on or before 28/05/2015.

For more job details, Job advertisement and the application format for :

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Last date to apply for National Institute of Urban Affairs New Delhi Various posts | June 01

National Institute of Urban Affairs New Delhi Various PostsNational Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), 1st and 2nd Floor, Core 4B, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003 — invites applications for various posts in National Institute of Urban Affairs. Below are the key details of National Institute of Urban Affairs New Delhi Various Posts :

System Analysts : 01 post
Accountant : 01 post
Personal Assistant : 01 post
Staff Car Driver : 01 post

How to Apply : Submit CV giving all the necessary details and clearly indicating the post applied for at the address : Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs, 1 & 2 Floor, Core 4B, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003 on or before 01/06/2015.

For more job details, job advertisement and the application format for National Institute of Urban Affairs New Delhi Various Posts :

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NIT Delhi Non-Teaching Posts | May2015

Last Date to apply online for NIT Delhi Non-teaching Posts | June 04

NIT Delhi Non-Teaching PostsNational Institute of Technology Delhi (NIT Delhi), IAMR CAMPUS, Sector A – 7, Institutional Area, Narela, Delhi – 110040 — invites applications from Indian Nationals for various Non-Teaching Posts on regular and deputation basis. Below are the key details of NIT Delhi Non-Teaching Posts :

Executive Engineer (Civil) : 01 post
Assistant Librarian : 01 post
Student Activity and Sports Officer : 01 post
Superintendent : 01 post
Accountant : 01 post
Technical Assistant (Electronics & Communication) : 01 post
Junior Engineer (Electrical) : 01 post
Assistant (SG II) : 01 post
Technician : 02 posts
Laboratory Assistant : 02 posts
Work Assistant (Mechanical) : 01 post
Junior Assistant : 01 post

How to Apply : The completed applications must reach to Office of the Director, NIT, Delhi on or before 04/06/2015.

For more job details, job advertisement and to the application format for NIT Delhi Non-Teaching Posts :

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Vibhor Tikiya Book Review | Once Upon A Dharamyudh

Vibhor Tikiya Book Review : After Dada, Vibhor Tikiya, the IIM Ahmedabad guy, comes up with Once Upon a Dharamyudh. You can vouch for Capitalism.

Vibhor Tikiya is an interesting guy. He came with Dada as his first novel. It was all about campus, alcohol, goals, growing up and Love. It was a damn interesting read. Now he has released his second novel, “Once Upon A Dharamyudh“. So what is Once Upon A Dharamyudh about ? How does it fare in comparison ?

Well, every new writer or filmmaker will be severely scrutinised for his or her second work, if the first is a bestseller or a superhit. So Vibhor will have to counter the burden of expectations. What do people normally do when they fear this burden ? They stick to the winning formula and churn out recycled products of the winning formula.

Does Vibhor fall into this trap ? This is where “Once Upon A Dharamyudh” stands out and makes Vibhor come across as a confident storyteller rather than a wannabe best seller.

Once Upon A Dharamyudh tells the story of Prakash, a young man and his mission in life, his passion for it and the journey of a lifetime and truly a trial by fire.

Vibhor Tikiya

Vibhor Tikiya

There is love and deceit. There is business and politics, often difficult to differentiate. There is a right man doing the right things often forced by the system to resort to wrong means to achieve the right results. Then there is a right man doing wrong things while appearing to make himself come across as right. And there is the ideological war that is what he means by Dharamyudh. The war is fought for the existence of a spinning mill named Dharam also symbolising the war for the victory of Dharma.

There are no definite black and white characters here. They are all different shades of grey. Be it Prakash, Uday, Jha or Sanjay, they are all true to life characters.

In another era and with another thought process, the protagonist and antagonist would have switched places and it would have been like Namak Haraam revisited. But we’re in post liberalisation era and the winner is decided by the times.


Click To Buy

Once Upon A Dharamyudh isn’t path breaking stuff. But it is definitely a very engrossing story with generous sprinkling of verses from the Gita, that forms the foundation of a war between two ideologies rather than two people. If showing capitalism as all bad was fashionable in the 80s, it’s correction time since 90s onwards.

A very earnest and honest storytelling through two generations of a business family and how the protagonist Prakash faces and conquers death, destruction, depression and domination of the corrupt system to finally reach the destination of his dreams.

Story moves from 60s to early 90s without hiccups and there is smooth transition in narration. Dr. Datta Samant, Indira Gandhi, Narasimha Rao and Dr. Manmohan Singh too find their places in the journey of Dharam.

Mighty impressed and loved the way Vibhor has kept it within 205 pages. Will definitely wait for his next work.

PS: Going by the introduction given to his next book “I WANT TO LIVE”, Vibhor seems to be upto something totally different again and that makes it interesting.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Details of the book:

Author: Vibhor Tikiya
Published by: Srishti Publishers and Distributors in 2015.
Soft Cover, 208 pages.
Category: Fiction
Price: Rs. 150/-

The other day, a Health expert on NDTV’s Fit Rahe India, was suggesting this to alcoholics : If you drink a peg of alcohol, make sure to immediately dilute it with a glass of plain water.

The only question one must ask to the Expert is : Why will an alcoholic do that?

If an alcoholic is that concerned about alcohol’s bad effects on liver, then he wouldn’t drink alcohol.

Speaking of such illogical advice thrown at addicts, our PM is not too far.

In his Mann Ki Baat some months ago, the PM tried to reform substance addicts by informing them that the money they use to buy drugs is used to fund terrorist activities against the Nation.

The only question is: Do these addicts have the mind frame or freedom to contemplate on such an advice?

The PM wanted to somehow link addiction to patriotism and terrorism; and he did so, without bothering about its effect on the addicts.

The above two instances tell our mindset towards addiction, addicts and de-addiction (in Hindi Nasha Mukti).

We have assumed that the only obstacle to de-addiction is the addict’s adamancy (in Hindi Zidd) to change.

Which is far from truth.

It’s not easy to get rid of addiction. And instead of seeing addicts as adamant beings, we must see them as people trapped in a difficult situation. A situation where they do feel withdrawal symptoms when their bodies crave for the substance. This usually happens a couple of times a day. If an addict is administered substance at that time, then he/she can lead a normal life.

One good way tackling addiction is to open Centres where these addicts can take substance under a Doctor’s supervision. Actually countries such as Sweden and Germany are running such Centres for decades now. The concept behind these centres is to help addicts lead a normal productive life, by protecting them from drug syndicates, and go ahead with de-addiction, if the person wants to be clean (by lowering drug intake over the months under doctor’s supervision).

Another benefit of such centres is hygiene and protection from infections which spread through infected needles.

Drug addiction is a real problem in some states in India. It will not be possible to curb drug menace by treating drug addicts as outcasts. Instead the Governments should focus on ways by which an addict can lead a useful, productive and normal life. It must be understood that drugs ruin families mainly because the money required to fuel the habit often becomes too high (We must understand that any addictive substance is expensive only because it’s illegal. If a Government decides to use it for legal purposes, then it becomes dirt cheap). Another reason why substance addiction ruins families, is that the addict finds no one to bail him out of the situation. A Government can take care of such disabilities.