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There's something about PM Modi, which allows him to take people by surprise. Yesterday, and the day before yesterday, when most politicians were debating the misogynist comments of a BJP politician, and thrashing of people on the name of Gau Rakhsha; the PM took people by surprise when he talked about corruption and ills of caste [...]

The facts below contradict each other. But only if you are willing see the contradictions. Saying this, as in recent times, even those people who swear by logic and rule of Law, either fail or conveniently choose NOT to see these contradictions. The facts are: India has the largest population of Cattle (bovine; example cow, bulls, oxen, other such animals) [...]

Ever since Twitter started earning money (its advertising model) from tweets, it ceased to portray the correct pulse or the true real time sentiment of the World or the country. If not entirely, then majorly. Let I give you an example. One of the Twitter's Promoted products is promoted trends.  If you're Twitter user, then Twitter [...]

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