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For Sundays, Amar Ujala has started shifting its Editorial Page(s) to the four page supplement. Hence at present, Amar Ujala's Edit page is on the opposite side of the matrimonial. You can imagine the fate of the editorial pages, in case your neighbour habitually borrows the matrimonial pages without fault every Sunday. This points to two [...]

Some people are trying to save the already missing humble and cute little bird Sparrow. They recently organised "Save the Sparrow " initiative in New Delhi recently. Read the brief description about the initiative: Thank you Rajan Suman, the Secretary, for letting us know about the initiative. Below are my some quick suggestions to save [...]

Ever since Arvind Kejriwal's Odd-Even formula testing started, the rival political parties and their supporters, opposed it. It will not be wrong to assume that a section of them insisted on taking on road their odd vehicle on even days and; vice-versa. That said, the opposition can be justified to the degree it doesn't look [...]

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