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Haryana PSC Recruitment to Subordinate Judicial Services, Civil Judge Junior Division, Selection Committee of Punjab & Haryana High Court.

Haryana Public Service Commission (Haryana PSC or HPSC), Bays No.1-10, Block-B, Sector-4, Panchkula, Haryana, invites online applications from interested and eligible candidates for recruitment to the posts of Civil Judge (Junior Division) through the Haryana Civil Service (Judicial Branch) Examination – 2014. Below are the key details of Haryana PSC Civil Judge Junior Division Examination 2014 :

Civil Judge (Junior Division)

119 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 27700 – 44770/-, Age : 21-42 years as on 18/10/2014.

How To Apply : An application fee of Rs. 1000/- (Rs.250/- for SC/ST/BC/ PWD/ female of other states) (No fee for PWD/ Female candidates) to be paid.

Apply Online at Haryana PSC website on or before 18/10/2014.

For more recruitment details of Haryana PSC Civil Judge Junior Division recruitment : 

Haryana PSC Civil Judge Junior Division Examination 2014 — Click Here

Online Submission of Applications — Click Here


English Stenographers | MP High Court Jabalpur Sep-2014

High Court of Madhya Pradesh (MP), Jabalpur, invites online applications from English stenographers for the recruitment for English Stenographers in MP High Court. Below are the key details of english stenographer posts in MP HC:

Stenographers (English)

88 posts (UR-44, OBC-13, SC-14, ST-17), Age : 18-35 years, Pay Scale : Rs. 9300-34800 grade pay Rs. 3600/-

How to Apply : Apply Online for English stenographer posts on or before 13/10/2014 at MP High Court Website only.

For more english stenographer jobs advertisement details:

Click Here


Group D Posts at MP High Court Jabalpur Sep-2014

Group D Posts of Driver/ Peon / Messenger / Attendants etc. at MP High Court Jabalpur . Total Group D posts : 368.

High Court of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur, invites applications on the prescribed format for the recruitment to the Group D posts in Jabalpur HC. below are the key details of Jabalpur HC class – IV or Group D posts :

Class – IV Employees or Group D posts 

Driver/ Peon / Messenger / Attendants etc. : 368 posts in various categories, Age : 18-20 years

How to Apply : Application in the prescribed format should be send on or before 15/10/2015 only.

For more job details of Group D Posts at MP High Court  and for application format:

Click Here


BJP-Shiv Sena Alliance and Overlapping Vote Banks!

It may look funny to some but the development agenda of political parties such as BJP and Shiv Sena is only for those who just don’t buy their communal or domiciliary agendas. Those who buy their communal agenda — which aims at aggregating all Hindu vote into one big monolith, the way many political parties doing politics of muslims and other minorities usually do — will vote for them  irrespective of development or not. For BJP, the percentage of such voters is less than 18 percent. The additional 13 percent votes which BJP got in the Lok Sabha Elections 2014 (31 percent), came from those who believed in Modi’s Developmental Agenda. These 13 percent voters voted for BJP, as they believed or were made to believe, that Modi can deliver on development. Although not much came out of new Government’s 100 day rule, especially for those Indians for whom the Government subsidies do matter, still we must give more time to the new Government. Hundred Days out of 1825 days (5 years) is a small time to judge a Government. Although I firmly believe that a Government too much conscious about profitability can never be good for a welfare country such as India. Why? Let I explain.

Why Talking of profitability and stellar development is Not Good for any welfare country

As even if any Indian Government tries to hand over (in real), 5350 USD or Rs 32000 per year to 25 percent of its population (31.25 crore people), it needs 1,67,187 USD or Rs 1,00,31,250 crores (One crore Thirty One lakh, two hundred fifty crore rupees).

The entire budgeted expenditure of India is around 16 Lakh crores. Thus the budgeted expenditure is just 16 percent of the amount a Government will need to raise the level of living of a quarter of its population.

You may be thinking, no one calculates the money, the way I do. Of course, no one calculates the numbers like that. But, no one talks about profitability and stellar development either. Good Governments in Welfare countries (where the governance is for the welfare of the people) simply do their best to meet the ends. They don’t get bothered by deficits and borrowing. As even when they grow and have World’s all resources at their disposal, they will not be able to give the dignified level of living to their every citizen.  That’s why large countries with equally large populations don’t give too much thought to the money spent in subsidies given to farmers, food security schemes, Public distribution system, rail fare, bus fare, education etc.  USA is believed to be the most powerful country in the World. It’s developed. But still it’s the biggest borrower in the World. It continues to increase its borrowing and spending, while paying just the interests on the interests. It’s unlikely that it will ever pay the principal borrowed.

But this is the way Welfare countries work. And how they manage to get loans even at such dismal conformance? As they are sovereign (in Hindi ‘swambhu’). If a common man can manage to have an eternal account at the nearest grocery store, then why can’t a country. A welfare country is like a father heading a big family, who although doesn’t believe in beautifying his house or eating even average food; but doesn’t think twice, when one of his children has a real necessity.

When a Government talks about development, the worst hit are the poor and above poor. As they are the ones who need Government’s welfare policies and subsidies to live their lives.

BJP-Shiv Sena Alliance and Overlapping Vote Banks!

BJP shiv sena impasse BJP Shiv Sena Alliance and Overlapping Vote Banks!The current impasse between the BJP and Shiv Sena in Maharashtra is being seen as each party’s desire to have its own Chief Minister. Although that can be one of the things in mind; but the real cause is something else. It’s the overlapping of the vote banks.

When BJP tried to create one big hindu vote bank, it forgot that it will infringe on the vote banks of not only its rivals, but also its allies. Like BJP, many other political parties have mixed hindutva with development. And these are often BJP allies.

There’s no such problem with Development and other tangible promises made during electioneering , as “no one and everyone” can stake claim to them. The fact that development is often limited by resources and resource allocation (unless some political party chooses to make impossible to fulfill promises, as BJP did in LS Polls 2014) hence it’s a non-issue in any democratic election.

This can’t be said of religious and domiciliary issues. For instance, for long Shiv Sena sees Shivaji as its flag bearer. What will happen if BJP starts calling Shivaji their own? Shiv Sena calls Lord Shiva as its identity. What of BJP starts using the Lord in its campaigning? What if both the parties stake claim to the very Hindutva agenda? What if BJP starts portraying itself as the flag bearer of Marathi Asmita?

Ever since LS Polls 2014, BJP has started seeing itself as the party of every state in India. And to make that a reality, it has started hijacking the domiciliary issues and political identities of other parties, including their allies. BJP may be behaving like a big shopping mall, where it’s hard for a buyer not to find anything interesting to buy; but what about Shiv Sena? Obviously it can’t let allow BJP take away its identity!


Book Review : Scandalous Housewives Mumbai by Madhuri Banerjee. More than raunchy tale of Lust, Kinky Sex!

Madhuri Banerjee is back with another racy read on love and relationships titled ‘Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai’. The book revolves around the lives of four housewives living in a residential high rise of Mumbai. As the parallel stories of these four women progress forward, the reader is compelled to ponder upon the role a housewife (read homemaker) plays in a family.

 Book Review : Scandalous Housewives Mumbai by Madhuri BanerjeeThe book promises a raunchy tale of lust, lies, betrayal and of course a final show down but I would urge you not to judge the book by its cover. At many points the novel surprises the reader by the immense depth of its female characters and their paradigm shifting portrayal. Amidst the kinky sex episodes and saucy secrets, the author portrays the ‘lovely ladies’ in bold colours of liberty, breaking all forms of restraint; pushing all boundaries and stepping over all thresholds.

The plot of the story, though thin through the initial half, gathers pace as the story progresses. The lives of the four friends entangle in a meshwork of explosive lies and as all of them strive to maintain the peace of their households, a threatening email shatters everything to the floor; and this marks the real and ultimate test of their ties of friendship. However will they survive?

Madhuri Banerjee’s book may seem to some as inspired by the popular US sitcom , the Desperate Housewives. And it can be. But tell you, there are no sweeping similarities between the two. For instance, in one of the episodes of Desperate housewives, one of the housewives is shown to be deeply unnerved by his son’s gay encounter with her boyfriend. In an increasing quirky World, where every author seems to be in big pressure to include the gay angles to their novels, Madhuri’s novel keeps a distance from it. The forbidden relationship the novel talks about though, is the one between Gita and her brother-in-law. This excuses the author from any inspiration, whatsoever. As instead of blindly following something, she chose to include a much more common proscribed relationship in Indian society. The one Gita finds herself in.

I must mention here that the plot is a little unfathomable and shaky at certain points, being a major turn off. This line marks my favourite point in the novel – “The best thing a father can give to a child is respect to the mother.”

If you’re looking for a masala weekend read, I’d say go for ‘Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai’ and you may end up with a little more than you bargained for.

I have purposefully not given it any ratings since I wrote the review keeping in mind that the reader would pick it up just as a weekend read. I haven’t judged it with the same standards as I would an Ayn Rand book. I hope that’s okay.

About Madhuri Banerjee


Madhuri Banerjee, a bestseller author who gained popularity right after the release of her first novel, ‘Losing My Virginity and other dumb ideas’, acquired a masters degree in Mass Communication and Films from Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi. She won a national award for best documentary on women issues for her thesis film “Between Dualities.

She is an active blogger, screenplay writer, Ad film director, columnist and relationship advisor. She prides herself on being a mother.


In a week, the Navratras will begin. Will also begin the Garbha Celebrations in many states of India.

This year, the Garba celebrations, the venues where people of all ages, gender and marital status dance to the devotional songs (often with a hint of courtship) played on DJ or performed by Orchestra and propagated through loudspeakers, in the state of Madhya Pradesh will be different. A lady MLA from BJP has decided to make them peculiar.

About a week ago, the BJP MLA and state BJP vice-president Usha Thakur announced that no muslim men will be allowed entry in the Garba Pandals or venues. A week later, the order of Madhya Pradesh Government backs her wish and the local administration in Indore and Ujjain cities yesterday instructed garba organisers to ensure that men are allowed entry only after checking their photo-ID cards..

How will the organisers spot a muslim man? Obviously by ID Card. If you thought about some other identification, then you better cleanse your mind. Yes, a small cap can be no identification. As it’s so small that every muslim man secretly entering the Garba pandal, can tuck it inside his trouser or Pathani suit kurta pocket. Pathani Suits are as synonymous with muslims as skirts with Christian women. But still , the easiest way to spot a muslim man is : the Identity card. The electoral photo-identity cards issued by Government of India.

But what if the organisers equipped with the Government Order suspect any muslim man of illegally entering the Garba pandal, by fudging his religious identity? That’s entering the Garba Pandal on the identity card of his look alike Hindu friend? Although this logic seems remote, as no Hindu and muslim can be friends, but what if such a situation does arise? How will the organisers detect on the spot, the religious identity of the muslim man? Obviously, then they can resort to another quick way of ascertaining the religious identity — The Pan Card. It may not have the residential address, but does have the name and photo of the holder.

The BJP MLA Usha Thakur surely has a great sense of humor though. Thakur has asked party workers to give some concession to those Muslim hunks who are accompanied by “female members”. But the party workers must ensure that the woman accompanying the muslim man is actually a muslim. This she thinks can be ensured… again by a valid photo identity card. A great suggestion, as what if the muslim man is brought to the Garba Pandal by his Hindu female friend, disguised as a muslim. You know, Love jihad is so prevalent in Indian society. Start looking for Love jihad couples, and stop only when you spot one…. Lady MLA’s suggestion brings into mind, the discotheques and swapping clubs with “Couples Only” Policy.

Anyway, she believes that her preventive measures will stop the massively prevalent “love jihad” conspiracy to distort the population ratio in the country. That way if Muslim women enter the Garba Pandals, then there is some scope of responding with “Love Dharmayuddha”.

The BJP MLA’s anger towards Muslim youth is not misplaced though. She reasons that if muslims don’t worship idols, if muslims object to singing Vande Mataram, whose the third verse onwards mentions Durga, a deity, then why would any muslim want to come to Garba Pandals. A very good question. She is no doubt intelligent. The question is as difficult as : Why Hindus socialise or speak with Muslims, or enjoy Qawwali, or Mushaira ; when a Hindu and Muslim can’t be friends? Why non-muslims watch movies of muslims actors?  That apart, not everyone has Shah of Iran as his friend, who he/she has to take to a Garba. In addition, who says festivities are just for merriment – fun and frolick! 

Saudi Arabia may have banned the entry of non-muslims in the city of Medina, because of the same reasons as given by the BJP MLA. And every non-muslim who mistakenly enters into Medina, may not be that innocent. As why will a non-muslim enter Medina? when he has no faith in the Muslim religion? He may have some agenda.


We often hear claims such as : I need only 4 hours of sleep every day to get rejuvenated.

Such claims are not wrong, as various sleep studies in the past do claim that the duration of “sufficient Sleep” or “Adequate sleep’  varies from person to person. A person may feel fresh after 6 hours of sleep, while another may feel sleepy even after after 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Thus no one must blame the other for sleeping long.

That said, another study says that Sleep is cummulative.  What does this mean?

This means that any sleep deficiency sums up and shows up later. For instance if a person in a habit of sleeping 6 hours of day, it gets only 5 hours of sleep  for six days, then on the 7th day he/she will be almost feeling as if he/she has NOT slept for one full day.

This also means that, if a person in a habit of sleeping 6 hours a day, sleeps for seven hours for the next 6 days, then on the 7th day he/she will have a day sleep surplus of one full day. That’s why researchers advice you to sleep surplus, before any journey to make up for any sleep deficit during the journey or tour.

The researchers advice on sleeping surplus before any journey or tour because a human body and mind with surplus sleep is better able to cope with any unfavourable conditions the body and mind may face during the journey or tour.


Re-registration in IGNOU | IGNOU FAQs

Before explaining to you the Concept of Re-registration in IGNOU. Please understand the following:

IGNOU Logo Re registration in IGNOU | IGNOU FAQs 1) Every IGNOU Programme or IGNOU Course, can be completed in a minimum and a maximum time period. For instance, IGNOU MBA can be completed in a minimum period of 2 years and a maximum period of 8 years. This is to make IGNOU MBA more flexible to learners, who often have irregular study schedules due to jobs and other engagements.

2) Every IGNOU Programme has three different Fees.

IGNOU Programme or IGNOU Course Admission fee

This is the one time fee you deposit at IGNOU Regional Centre, at the time of taking admission in IGNOU. At the time of admission, the amount you pay also includes the registration fee for the first four or five credits/papers/subjects (or papers in the first semester or first year subjects).

IGNOU Examination Fee

Other fee you submit to IGNOU is the Examination fee.This is in addition to the IGNOU Programme admission Fee (Point 1. above). At present it’s Rs 60 per IGNOU subject/paper/credit. This you submit before the IGNOU TEEs or Term End Examinations that take place in June and December every year.

IGNOU Registration Fee for a Paper/subject/credit

Registration of an IGNOU Paper/subject/credit is valid for just two years. For instance, say a learner of IGNOU MBA, took admission in January 2014. At the time of taking admission in IGNOU MBA, he/she got registered for first four papers — MS01, MS02, MS03 and MS04. Thus his/her registration for these four papers is valid upto December 2015 TEE (2 years). Suppose, the learner is unable to pass any one or all of these four papers even up to December 2015 TEE, then he will have to re-register for such papers. Re-Registration means depositing registration fee once again (right now it’s Rs 1500 per paper). Once re-registered, the learner will get another 2 years to pass the paper(s). The good thing is, since IGNOU treats re-registration as a fresh registration, the learner will again be dispatched the study material for the reregistered paper(s) at his/her postal address.

One can re register for one or multiple papers , during the entire maximum duration of the programme. For instance, for IGNOU MBA, the maximum duration to complete the MBA is 8 years.

Re-registration in IGNOU | Answer of IGNOU FAQ (Frequently asked Question)

The registration for any IGNOU credit/subject/paper is valid for 2 years. For instance, if a learner registers for four papers in March 2014, then he can appear in TEEs for these papers up till I gave Dec 2015 Term end Exam. The rule is simple : Sum up 2 years from the semester of your registration.

Say a learner took admission in January 2013. Then his/her initial registration is valid till Dec 2014 TEE only. After that he can re-register for the paper for further two years.

It’s not necessary for immediate re-registration:  Suppose, your two year registration for a paper ends in December 2014 TEE. But you don’t think, you will be able to prepare for the paper in June 2015 TEE. Then don’t worry, IGNOU doesn’t want continuous re-registration. Re-register only when you are prepared to crack the exam. Thus in the example given here, the learner can re register for the paper before December 2015 TEE or later TEEs.

In short, there’s no need for continuous re registration. Although do take into account the maximum time period given to you to complete the IGNOU programme.

For instance, suppose a person takes admission in IGNOU MBA in June 2014. He can complete the IGNOU MBA till June 2022 TEE (8 years maximum). Suppose he doesn’t clear a paper till June 2021 TEE. Then if he re-registers for such a paper in October 2021, then he can’t claim further 2 years to complete the paper. As his IGNOU Programme completion time period ends in June 2022 TEE itself.

Hope, the concept of Re-registration in IGNOU is now clear to you.


Neyveli Lignite Medical, Language, HR Posts Sep-2014

Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited (NLC), Regd. office : Neyveli House, No. 135, Periyar EVR High Rd. Chennai – 600010 — a Mini Ratna Government of India Enterprise and a premier ‘Navratna’ Public Sector Enterprise, with Corp Office : Block -1, Neyveli – 607801, Tamil Nadu, invites HR, Medical, Language professionals for Medical, language officer, HR posts . Below are the key details of Neyveli Lignite posts:

Human Resources (HR)

Graduate Engineer Trainee (HR) : 10 posts
Manager (HR) : 04 posts
Deputy Chief Manager (HR) : 04 posts


Chief Manager (Hospital Administrator) : 01 post
Deputy Medical Officer : 10 posts
Medical Officer / Deputy Chief Medical Officer : 19 posts

Official Language

Hindi Officer : 01 post

How to Apply: An application fee of Application Fee, a non – refundable amount, of Rs. 300/- to be deposited in SBI.

Candidates will be required to apply Online through Neyveli Lignite Website from 24/09/2014 to 08/10/2014 only.

For more job details of the above posts in Neyveli Lignite: Click Here



When Sushil Modi sounded Like Lalu Prasad Yadav!

To this day, Lalu Prasad Yadav boasts about how he stopped L K Advani during his rath yatra in 1990. On 23 September 1990, Yadav arrested L K Advani at Samastipur, Bihar during later’s rath yatra to Ayodhya; and emphatically told the media that he will not allow fundamentalists like Advani to enter Bihar.

lalu prasad 300x300 When Sushil Modi sounded Like Lalu Prasad Yadav!Lalu has every right to boast so, as back then, and to this day he and Advani are in rival parties. Thus what he did on that day, can be seen as a key entry in his political life.

But, how will one react, if a leader of a party boasts of gagging orders against a leader of his own party?

Yesterday, BJP Leader Sushil Kumar Modi told the media that he will not allow Yogi Aditya Nath and Sakshi Maharaj like leaders make Uttar Pradesh by-polls like statements in Bihar. He cleared that his party doesn’t believe in issues such as Love Jihad, and hence will not allow such issues in Bihar.

Unlike Lalu Prasad Yadav, Sushil modi can hardly gain any admiration for such gagging plans. If he really intended to distance himself (him alone) from such issues, then he must have cleared that to his party in private. After All, The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Right now, it appears that the setback for BJP’s Hindutva experiment (Love Jihad, attempts at communal division) in Uttar pradesh By-polls, has compelled the party to distance itself from that poll plank. The party is convinced that if the people rejected its communal plank in Uttar Pradesh; then it will never succeed in Bihar, a state known from ages for its secular credentials and politically intelligent people.

It’s surprising, how easily BJP can dissociate itself from Yogi Aditya Nath , when it’s the party which appointed him as the star campaigner for the UP By-polls. After all Yogi didn’t campaign in UP Bypolls on his own. Afterall Yogi didn’t stand in Parliament on his own, to speak on Communal Violence. He was appointed by his party to do so. As a matter of fact, he was placed in UP without any leash. The BJP leadership kept mum, until the results of By-polls got declared. The results showed them — Yogi Aditya Nath proved to be a wrong horse to bet on. And Yogi is barred from Bihar.