10 benefits of Running: Improves Cardiovascular Health

Studies have shown that the cardiovascular (involving or relating to the human heart and blood vessels) health of a person increases when he/she runs regularly. When running is practiced regularly, the elasticity of arteries increases; resulting in a lower blood pressure. Both of these will contribute to lowering risk of having a heart attack.

Alike any other physical activity, running should be practiced in a no-stress manner. The stamina and agility should be increased gradually, making sure the body is not put to panic. Those who want to improve their cardio vascular health via running, should consult their doctor before hitting the turf. That apart, rather than “standing up from the couch one day and start running” the running enthusiast should begin with leisure walking, then transitioning to brisk walking (as one walks when one has to board a bus), then to jogging (slow running) and finally to high impact or brisk running.

Here is video called Beginer’s guide to Running:Beginner´s Guide to Running
Running is an exercise many people enjoy for cardiovascular health and as a complement to dieting or weight training. Learn how to start running for health in this exercise video.

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