10 benefits of Running: Weight loss

Run to lose weight is a common advice people throw at each other. But, irrespective of how much attention people pay to this piece of advice – Running indeed makes a person lose weight. Running burns a significant amount of calories making it an excellent form of exercise to help you lose weight. As a rule of thumb, the kind of running which makes one lose weight, is the one which results in the increase in body temperature, something which is easily felt by the runner, as heat coming out of the body.

But before embracing running to lose weight one should keep in mind that because running is a high-impact exercise; the runner even a few pounds overweight, may cause his/her leg and hip joints to ache. The rule of thumb to tackle this first hitch is to start slow and increase the intensity when the body gets used to it or it’s sufficiently warmed up.

Alike any other physical activity, running should be practiced in a no-stress manner. The stamina and agility should be increased gradually, making sure the body is not put to panic. Those who want to lose weight via running, should consult their doctor before hitting the turf. That apart, instead of  “standing up from the couch one day and start running” all of a sudden; the running enthusiast should begin with leisure walking, then transitioning to brisk walking (as one walks when one has to board a bus), then to jogging (slow running) and finally to high impact or brisk running.

Below is a video that shows the correct posture while running, so that you don’t stress or strain your body while running:

How To Run to lose weight?

There are methods of running, which result in different benefits. This Book teaches the correct running posture, running methods, injury free running and benefits.


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