10 Measures To Rescue the Falling Rupee: Satire

Kapil Sibal’s take on falling Rupee:  Establish Zero Loss to the state in spite of the 70s and 100s notched up against foreign currencies.


Desperate situations demand desperate measures. The way poor Rupee has plunged to newer depths with every passing day, the UPA government has decided to act with complete aggression in support of the ailing Rupee. Below are the 10 Measures To Rescue the Falling Rupee.

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  1. Now that it’s past 65 against Dollar, Rupee will be declared Senior Citizen and all benefits will be accorded to it.
  2. Free Rail travel, concessional air-fares, subsidized LPG and Income tax rebate limit to be hiked under Senior Citizen scheme.
  3. Free treatment for the Rupee abroad and the expenses to be funded in Dollars.
  4. On breaking the 100 barrier against Pound, Rupee will be inducted into Rajya Sabha as Congress nominee like they did with Sachin Tendulkar.
  5. Kapil Sibal to establish Zero Loss to the state in spite of the 70s and 100s notched up against foreign currencies.
  6. Rupee Security Bill to be passed in the Parliament in the lines of the ambitious and prestigious Food Security Bill.
  7. Rajiv Gandhi Rupee Aawas Yojna to prevent Rupee being neglected and becoming orphaned and destitute in old age.
  8. Narendra Modi to be blamed for the fall of Rupee because he brought down the self-respect of the Rupee by being denied American Visa. 65 MPs to write to President Obama to grant a visiting Visa to Rupee as a measure of compensation.
  9. Sabse Bada Rupaiah: This scheme will make the Rupee note printed in A-4 size papers to make sure it becomes the largest currency in the world !
  10. Finally Rupee to be declared among “Endangered Species” and a sanctuary to be instituted in Swiss Banks !

Falling Rupee may be a thing of concern for many, but going by the number of animated clips on Falling Rupee in various news channels, it’s source of Happiness as well. At least for some.