What is Gained Here | 10 percent quota General Category Poor

The 10 percent quota for poor among General Category was in news this week.

After reading through many articles, I have arrived at this conclusion.

But before sharing that, let I want to clarify that to reach at this conclusion, I directly or indirectly, took help of various sources and expert opinions. The information thus received is simply thought over by me.

10 percent quota for poor among General Category means NOTHING — In terms of its real benefits.


The 10 percent quota for the poorest among General category will be carved out from the present 50 percent left out for the General category. In simple, if there are 100 job vacancies and 50 are left after reservation; then 10 vacancies out of 50 unreserved vacancies will go to the poorest among General.

So it is very similar to a person going with a 50 Rupee note to market, returning back with five Rs 10 notes. He puts one 10 rupee note in his left pant pocket; and remaining Rs. 40 in other.

Another factor which makes 10 percent reservation for General Category meaningless is that it includes almost everyone among General category. In other words:

How many applicants of 10 percent reservation will have yearly household income of less than Rs. 8 Lakh(Rs. 66000 PER MONTH)?

Almost all will fulfill this criterion.

How many will have a house of not more than 2000 sq. ft. in urban areas; and 1000 sq. ft. in rural areas?

Again nearly all fulfill this criterion.

Finally to land holdings. The average landholding per family in India is less than 5 Acres. So roughly 90 percent land holders will fulfill this eligibility.

So there is no use of giving 10 percent, when nearly all are eligible for it.

If you see the advantages of 10 percent quota for poor among General Category, then there are NO real advantages. There are no advantages because even if some are seeing them; they will be cancelled by the growth in education and and with time.

If the Government really wants to give 10 percent reservation, then IT MUST LOWER ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA  COMPLETELY. For example, the Government can reduce yearly household income limit to Rs. 50 thousand; House area to say 200 square feet etc.

10 percent quota for General Category poor a Political Promise


And it has no relation with benefits.

By promising 10 percent to poor among General Category, the BJP wants to attract every one. Farmers with less than or equal to 25 Bighas of land, children of middle class public servants, most of house-owners in cities, villages etc.

Who is left? …ONLY THE REAL POOR.

Over time, I have noticed that although all political parties think in the same way with respect to reservation; some political parties want to be seen both in favor of and in opposition to Reservation. One such party is BJP. Forget this 10 percent reservation gimmick, the party always criticizes Reservation to OBCs publicly. But the party which increased the non-creamy layer limit for OBCs (who can get OBC reservation benefit) from Rs. 4 Lakh to Rs. 8 Lakh is the BJP. Other parties increased it too from 1 to 2 Lakh, then from 2 to 3 Lakh; and finally from 3 to 4 Lakh. Then in 2017, BJP Government increased it from Rs. 4 Lakh to Rs. 8 Lakh.

To conclude, reservation in jobs is an issue, which surfaces every now and then. Mostly before elections. This time it even doesn’t have any merit in it.

Will it make any difference for General category’s job prospects?

NO. For obvious reasons.