10 Things Dubai parents complain most about Their Child’s School

For Dubai parents, the issues relating to school administration is the most problematic Area. Lets look at the complaints Indian parents have against the Schools. They may be different than what Dubai parents complain about.

With increasing education and awareness of parents in India, the number of parent complaints against the school are increasing. The number of parent complaints is directly proportional to the eliteness of the School. But what are areas parents in India most complain about?

A recent study conducted by Dubai’s Education Regulatory Authority may come handy.

Dubai parents complain most about


The list is made with the complaints filed by Dubai parents over the last academic year. The total number of complaints filed with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) from September, 2012 to June, 2013 were 940, and involved various areas.

  1. Issues relating to school administration __________33 Percent
  2. School Fees __________30 Percent
  3. Teacher affairs and behaviour __________10 Percent
  4. School admissions __________87 Percent
  5. Student affairs and behaviour __________6 Percent
  6. School transportation __________4 Percent
  7. Student safety __________3 Percent
  8. Schools equipment and supplies __________2 Percent
  9. School communication __________1.5 percent
  10. School building and facilities __________Less than 1 percent

Solution to decrease the Number of Parent complaints


Assuming, the Regulatory body found that most of the parent complaints in Dubai arise from the lack of proper understanding of the School rules and their (parents) own responsibilities, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has come out with a legal Contract. The aim of the new parent/school contract is to educate the Dubai parents on their rights and responsibilities, so that the number of grievances from both schools and parents are reduced. the reduction in complaints will not only stop save valuable time parents and schools spend on resolving non-serious complaints, but will also make it easier to solve real disputes as and when they occur.

At present, the legal contract, titled titled the “School Parent Contract” is introduced in Six leading schools in the Emirate. The Regulatory body is keen to see how the legal contract helps “promote positive relationships and protect the rights of both schools and families”.

Depending on its effectiveness in reducing disputes, it will be rolled out to other schools.

Complaints of parents in India against Schools


As said in the beginning of the article, parents in India also have many complaints against the Schools. But unfortunately, in the absence of a proper mechanism and system in place for the resolution of these complaints, most of these complaints go unresolved.

In addition, since the School Education Regulatory bodies in India don’t give due weight to the resolving the parents’ complaints, hence parent complaints are often overlooked. That apart, there is least awareness among Indian parents as their rights and responsibilities against and towards the school. All this sums up to a lot of distrust and bad blood between the parents and the School Administrations.

A Simple Survey to look at the areas, parents in India have complains against the Schools. Do participate in the survey, may be that can enhance your Kid’s learning at School.