10 Tips for Job Hunters to spot Fraud Jobs and Job Advertisements!

Last week a Noida based Company fled away, robbing investors, who were also its employees, of money in the tune of Rs 3300 Crore.

The Company was being marketed as a Web company specializing in Social media management. It recruited young men and women to Like a range of Facebook profiles and pages. The employee was paid anywhere between Rs.5 to R. 60 per Like. All the employee has to do was make 10 or 15 of such Likes a day.

But there was a catch here. If a person wanted to have the job, he/she was required to pay anywhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 60000, depending on the payout per Like.

Because very small number of jobs are being created in the country at present and for the the past couple of years, many young men and women fell into the trap of this easy money making opportunity and; have to part with their real money. Honestly speaking to an extent there’s a greed for easy money as well. But majority fell into this trap because of deceptive marketing.

Without giving you any lessons here, as to why and how people fall in such traps, let I share with you a 10 Tips, so that you don’t fall in such frauds:

Tip 1:  You need a real time-intensive or Skill-intensive knowledge to get a job.

Tip 2:  It’s really difficult for a person to get useful employment, if all the training he/she has comes from a short duration Government Job Skill training Programme. If you want to get a job based on that training, then all you’ll get is an assembly line job or time intensive job. In such a job, you will have to do repetitive, tiring work for at least 8 hours (Although work hours extend up to 12 hours). In such jobs a person gets lowest of the salaries.

Tip 3:  Don’t trust anyone who tries to sell you impossible dreams. Jobs are no exceptions (in Hindi ‘Apavad’).

Ideally, the proposition of Rs. 5 per Facebook Like should have been a warning sign. Rs. 60 per Facebook Like by any imagination is impossible.

I’m not saying there are no such companies offering money for a Facebook Like. There are. But they don’t distribute money to all and sundry. In addition, they don’t charge money from a new recruit at the time of joining.

In short, they don’t run MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Schemes.

Tip 4: There’s no Easy money on Internet. Remember this fact.

Anyone who promises that you can earn by doing literally nothing, then tell that person, ‘NO’ … I’m not interested !.

Those who work and earn on internet or Web, do as much work as those who run a successful real business or who have a real World job.

Earning money on Web is real hard work.

Tip 5: Have a correct appraisal of your Resume. It will tell you what job can you get based on your resume. It will also help you to avoid such quick money making schemes.

Tip 6: Have a correct appraisal of your Skill set. It will tell you what job can you get based on your skills.

Tip 7: An authentic employer will never ask you to pay money to get you recruited. Asking for Cash and making you sign an Employment Bond are two different things.

Employment Bond doesn’t ask you to pay money at the time of joining.

Hence, you can sign an Employment Bond. But before doing that know about the Company. Read the conditions on Employment Bond attentively before signing it.

Tip 8: Many online and offline companies run MLM Schemes in the name of employment, marketing, selling products and blah, blah …

The moment you’re promised referral incomes, … Tell yourself this company is a fraud. In most cases they are.

Tip 9: If any job advertisement says the job requires NONE of these : Your time, Your Skill or Your Education, and it still promises you “Five figure Salary” by working from home. Then it’s very likely that the Company is a Fraud.

Tip 10: Don’t pay any money to the employer at the time of joining. If the Company has real work to do, then it will not be difficult for it to pay you wages. That’s why no authentic and reputed company will tell you to bring money from your home.

Last but not the least, don’t sign any paper at your work place, without reading it thoroughly.

The above tips are important, specially when you’re looking for a job. Follow them without fault. And Do share these tips with your friends.