10th Students to Improve marks in One Attempt : CBSE

CBSE’s New Marks Improvement Rule applies from this Year : Class 10th students getting Only one chance to improve marks in Class 10.

10th Students to Improve marks in One Attempt , CBSE RuleDepends how one sees the new CBSE rule for Class 10th students . Those class 1oth students who want to upgrade their E1 and E2 grades, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) from this academic session would provide only one chance for the improvement of performance .

Earlier, till last year, students were provided three chances, but this year, the board has decided to give only one chance.

Notably, the CBSE has discontinued with the practice of declaring compartment or failing students after induction of the grading system. Now students scoring E1 or E2 grades in any subject would get the improvement chance. If the students manages to improve in one attempt, good; if not then he/she has to repeat the class 10th.

Mixed Response

The new CBSE Rule has received a mixed response. While the students and parents are seeing it as a dampener; the teachers are seeing it as a move in the right direction. According to teachers, earlier students who were not able to clear the exam in the first attempt, used to wait for the second and even third chance, to clear the exam. This meant that , by the time they cleared the exam half of class 10th and class 11th syllabus was already covered. A situation difficult for both the student and the teacher.

Time Schedule for E1 , E2 Improvement Exam for class 10th

The class 10th students would be able to give the E1, E2 improvement exam in July every year. Those who would pass the paper would be eligible for Class 11 . If one fails to pass the paper, he/she will repeat the class.

The CBSE has decided that the improvement of performance chance can be availed by the student in one or all the five subjects, excluding the sixth additional subject.

Register for Improvement Exam for Class 10th

Students appearing for improvement of performance exam would have to register as per the schedule given on the CBSE website. The registered students could improve their grades through the exams conducted in July.

This year, i.e. 2013-14 CBSE CLass 10th academic session, the improvement will take place from July 16 , 2014 onwards . Get the CBSE Class 10th Improvement Examination Datesheet .