15 Safety tips for Secure ATM Transactions

ATMs are becoming a a part of our lives. An ATM is a convenient, secure way of accessing your Bank account or money. Below are 15 safety tips for Secure ATM Transactions. Follow these tips for secure 24 hour access to your money:

  1. Memorize your PIN number & do not write it.
  2. Do not share your ATM PIN with anyone else. This includes your family members as well.
  3. Check your SMS, account balance and bank statements, regularly; and if possible within 24 hours of the ATM transaction.
  4. Report any discrepancies to ICICI Bank immediately. Discrepancies such as some transaction which you’re not aware of.
  5. While making an ATM transaction, do not handover your card to any stranger. If you’re not comfortable using an ATM Card, then take help from some bank personnel. But instead of handing over your ATM card and allowing him/her to make the transaction, do it yourself. Shield the ATM screen and ATM Keypad while putting in the ATM PIN.
  6. The above tip about seeking help applies to family member, friend or bank official as well. It’s good approach as well. For two reasons: First ATM PIN is personal. Second, it will enable you use the ATM on your own in future.
  7. Do not allow any stranger to assist you while using your ATM. If inevitable, then ask the security personnel of the ATM for this assistance.
  8. While standing in the ATM queue, Keep safe distance from other people in the queue.
  9. If possible do not talk with people in the queue. Remain silent.
  10. Always stand close to the ATM machine and use your body and hand to shield the keypad as you enter the PIN.
  11. Make sure to put the ATM Card back in safe keeping, i.e. your wallet.
  12. Make sure to collect the cash, count it and place it in safe keeping.
  13. Press the ‘Cancel’ key before moving away from the ATM
  14. Make sure to collect the transaction slip and do not leave your transaction slip at the ATM. Shred it (tear down to pieces) before discarding the transaction slip.
  15. Once you learn using an ATM, use it confidently. If you can walk down to an ATM, then you can learn how to use an ATM Card as well. Age or low tech literacy is no excuse.