16 Million Color LED Bulb : AURA LED Bulb

Efficient RGB 16 million color LED Bulb comes with Free App for Full Bluetooth Control, to choose the color as per your mood and situation.

ADATA Technology, a maker of high-performance DRAM modules, NAND Flash products and LED lighting products, a couple of days ago launched its AURA RGB interior lighting bulb. The AURA RGB LED bulb displays over 16 million different colors. That apart,  up to 64 bulbs can be configured via Bluetooth 4.0 Mesh technology using ADATA’s free downloadable app.

ADATA’s AURARGB bulb is targeted at homeowners and small business owners.

The 16 Million Color LED Bulb thus offers a choice from literally millions of colors while being able to adjust warmth and brightness for bulbs spanning a distance of nearly 2000 meters! 

16 Million Color LED bulb

Control and Link Up To 64 LED Bulbs

Use ADATA’s free RGB Bulb app to link your Bluetooth-enabled smart phone with as many as 64 bulbs using Bluetooth Mesh technology.  Each ADATA AURA 16 Million Color LED Bulb contains a powerful Bluetooth 4.0 Mesh wireless transmitter that provides the complete color control over long distances. Connect individual bulbs spaced 30 meters from each other. Form a network of 16 Million Color LED Bulb (s) linked in a line, and you traverse a distance of 2000 meters! One can use his/her smartphone or tablet to control AURA lights as groups or as individual bulbs in your office, home or small business without needing to buy an expensive bridge or router as needed with other RGB bulb providers. 

16 Million Colors to Choose From!

While you can use it to deliver the natural warm glow of sunrise, or the somber tones of dusk in varying brightness, the AURARGB bulb doesn’t stop there. Use ADATA’s free AURA app to access the light’s full red / green / blue (RGB) color spectrum.

The 16 Million Color LED Bulb can be seen as an equivalent of the paint brush drawing area, and the Bluetooth app for the 16 Million Color LED Bulb as the Color palette with a slider, where one can choose any color from the 16 million shades.

By combining the 256 variations of each RGB color, you can create over 16 million color combinations to match your every mood. Configure one bulb in your home office to deliver a somber blue color ideal for steady concentration. Arrange another set of AURA bulbs to bring the warm of sunrise into your living room for easy reading. Kids can use the app in their gaming den for fun times with intense blues, hot reds, deep greens or literally 16 million other colors in between while playing on the computer! 

16 Million Color LED bulbPower Savings For Home, Office and Small Business

The AURA RGB 16 Million Color LED Bulb combines the aesthetics of smooth solid construction that fits perfectly not only in the home, but in your office and small business, too. Use standard bright colors to match the professional tone of your daytime office environment. If you own a restaurant, coffee shop or art gallery, hang multiple AURA bulbs from dangling ceiling fixtures and tweak both brightness and coloring for an intimate dinner with drinks, or highlight the vivid colors of a painting hanging on a wall. If colors define our mood and how we conduct ourselves, then 16 Million Color LED Bulb allows us to choose any shade based on our mood and situation.

For wireless control of up to 64 bulbs in groups or individual units delivering 16 million colors to your home, office or small business, enjoy ADATA’s AURA RGB bulb for cost-effective LED lighting! Download the free AURA Bulb app from both the Apple App Store and Google play.