2-Bay NAS Media server TN-200

TRENDnet TN-200, a 2-Bay NAS Media server. The new TRENDnet NAS server can be perfect for your requirements.

2-Bay NAS Media server, TN-200

TN-200, a 2-Bay NAS Media server Specs and Features are:

  • Supports two 3.5 inches SATA hard drives (sold separately), for a total storage of up to 8 Terabytes space.
  • With a Gigabit Ethernet port it maintains high speed connection to the network.
  • TN-200 serves as an iTunes® server which provides the music adorer to quench their thrust of music listening by sharing a massive iTunes® library across their network ( NAS stands for Network Attached Storage (NAS). Hence the ability to connect to massive iTunes® library across their network ).
  • The new TRENDnet NAS server provides an option of USB 2.0 port for sharing external drives and sticks.
  • TN-200 equipped with intuitive setup wizard makes TN-200 up and running in minutes.

Network Attached Servers can be used as a server for a local network (computers in an office) or a server on the Web (if connected to the Web). See it as a small server for small businesses. It’s only not that big as Google’s.