2 Reasons why PM Modi’s upcoming Teachers’ Day speech must be opposed!

PM Narendra Modi’s Teachers’ Day Speech telecast live to schools all over India from 3:00 to 5:00 PM on September 05, 2014, is bring criticized for many reasons . These reasons range from its effects on pedagogy to unnecessarily burdening the children to using the Government machinery on some political activity to the odd timing of the speech. My reasons for criticizing the Modi’s Teachers’ Day Speech are different.

First reason is the right of the parents to exercise control on what their child assimilates at School. A parent usually gives his/her permission to the non-political education in the school.  He/she doesn’t want the child to be fed with anything which they see as political. A section of parents may not have problem with Modi’s same speech telecast live on their Home Televisions, but they may feel uneasy with their child listening to the same speech at school, without their supervision. The fact of the matter is, most parents don’t want any political party or person ,  catch their child young. They can be die hard supporters of a political party, but when it comes to children, they want them to remain apolitical till the time they can decide on their own.

Second reason is the money. The Government is constantly complaining of poor economic position of the country, and still it’s spending money on such purposes. There are thousands of schools all over India , each school will need a big screen , modem, and other peripherals to enable the telecast. The Government claims that the money needed for the arrangement will come from Vidyalaya Vikas Fund. The same money can be spent on getting better sanitation, accommodation facilities in these schools. As citizens we are treating PM Modi and the new Government as a pampered kid. Sooner than later, we will have to question the money involved.

I think, Modi ji must make the same speech on National Television. It will not only save money but also allow parents to decide whether they want their child to listen to the speech or not. It’s not right for the Government to surpass the parental control, by way of Government machinery and school teachers.