20-25 Pakistani Soldiers got killed in Naushera | Believes Amar Ujala

Of late, we are hearing much about biased and divided media. That’s a media which is more honest to its political ideological tilt than its journalistic Dharma. A divided media is one which blatantly takes sides.

To what an extent the perception is true?

If true, then is it limited to Electronic media only? Or is this bias clearly visible in print media as well.

May be the coverage of this news report will shed more light into the question.

In an unprecedented move yesterday, the Indian Army released a video of “punitive fire assaults” on Pakistani posts in the Naushera sector of the Line of Control (LoC). The move is unprecedented as this is the first time Indian Army has officially released a video claiming destruction of Pakistan Army bunkers. The said video has reportedly been shot on May 9 2017. It’s important to note that although similar videos have circulated on social networks, this is the first time the Indian Army has officially acknowledged such an action.

May be the Union Government through the Army wants to convey a message that it has taken a proactive stance in counter-terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir.

That said, no where in the Official statement of Indian Army, it is said that the punitive mortar fire on the Pakistani bunkers had resulted in the killing of Pakistani Soldiers.

For some strange reasons, today’s Amar Ujala (Print Edition) has reported the News stating that “20-25 Pakistani Soldiers are believed to have been killed” in the mortar attack on Pakistani bunkers.

Interestingly, Hindustan (Print Edition) has not mentioned any such killing of Pakistani Soldiers.

After scanning many related news reports online, I found that none of the news websites, mentioned to any such killing of Pakistani Soldiers.

This brings us to a simple question: Why is Amar Ujala saying something which no one else, including the Indian Army in its official statement is saying?

To conclude, is Amar Ujala creating an imaginary reality for the consumption of its readers within India!… If yes, then why?