Sunday, September 29, 2019

Profound Story-telling : The English Teacher by RK Narayan

Written by Anil Singh

Book Review The English Teacher by RK Narayan: It is impossible to rate the work of a master. I will just say -- Very Engaging. Lets you feel the emotions.

I am writing after a long break. No particular reason for such a long break. You can see it as some distractions had got me busy. During the break, I read two novels by author RK Narayan --- The Talkative man and The English Teacher. I liked both of them. While reading them I kept marveling at the legendary author's command over prose. Two novels, both about common people's lives; and still so filled with story, dreams, daily existence, struggles and profound grief. In addition, they lay bare open the infinite extent & dimensions of human behavior, emotion and subjectivity. If you are a reader who has not read these two novels, I recommend both of them. But still if you want to buy one, then do buy The English Teacher. Th English teacher is a story surrounding -- An English teacher, his young wife and their toddler (a daughter). I will not disclose the story as it will spoil your curiosity. For now I can tell you this much -- There are two or three incidents involving toddler and her mother, which make the reader quite emotional. If you are quite emotionally sensitive then the incidents/narrations can loom inside your head even a couple of days after finishing the 183 Page book. For this particular reason, you can even choose NOT to read The English Teacher. Though, it will be a good idea to read The Talkative Man to lighten up a bit. Opinion: It is impossible to rate the work of such a legendary figure. I will just say both the books are very engaging and even a reader with average reading speed will complete them in a day or two.

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