3 Important Things To Learn about Productivity

Want to know 3 Important Things To Learn about Productivity? Here are They.

Last week I visited a friend in his office.

He was busy with some important work, with TV running in the background.

I asked doesn’t the TV distract him. He said, actually he works in a more focused way when TV sound keeps coming from the background.

Does he mean, running TV in the background, make him productive? I think he wants to say that.

He seems to have evolved the habit over the years, and it works for him. (Who cares for what mom says, when you become double with the TV on)

This reminds me of a silent movie (Pushpak), where a poor guy lands in a five-star hotel. The first night, when he tries to sleep, he simply can’t. The next day he’s shown revisiting his dig, recording the loud sound coming from the movie theatre next to his dwelling. The second night, he plays the recorded sound while going to his five-star bed. And he manages to get a sound sleep.

To sum up, Productivity is not simply black and white. It has many shades to it.

Relentless, sincere and hardworking people keep monitoring the degree of their productivity and in the course of doing so, develop their own productivity tools.

For instance, a young guy who I started knowing only recently, told me his way of remaining productive is scribble notes on old advertising pamphlets and waste paper; only to tear them apart later (when their purpose is solved) and burning them. He says, this very exercise relieves stress by clearing the mind of clutter and makes him more productive.

Over the years, I have seen hundreds of such rituals practiced by people: Rituals, which they think make them productive.

Actually the fact of the matter is, when it comes to productivity; there are NO FIXED RULES.

Productivity is a CONSTANT AND RELENTLESS EXERCISE of self-monitoring & Self-appraisal. Only when you check your productivity relentlessly; you come to know what factors contributed in increasing it.

Thus, 3 things can be said about Productivity…


    1. Productivity is a CONSTANT AND RELENTLESS EXERCISE of self-monitoring and self-appraisal.


    1. One never knows what productivity tools click for him/her.


  1. Relentless people find their productivity tools through the process of trial and error; and once found stick to them.

As a student, young entrepreneur or an ambitious youth, you may be managing many things on your own. With only 24 hours in a day and 365 days in an year, productivity no doubt is important to YOU. And you surely are aspiring hard to invent your own productivity tools.

But, If you’ve not invented your unique productivity ritual yet… then You’re simply not doing enough!

No worries, keep trying…