4.8 Lakh Engineers remain Unemployed every year | AICTE

Amidst reports about optimism in hiring in the April-June 2017 Quarter, some new data from AICTE presents a somewhat bleak picture.

According to All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), more than 60 per cent of the eight Lakh engineers graduating from technical institutions across the country every year remain unemployed.

This means that every year 4,80,000 new engineers remain jobless.

Actually, what AICTE is telling now is often said by Industry bodies such as AssoCham. But don’t know from where tall claims of 2 crore or more jobs per year are made.

Even if one sets aside professional educations such as Engineering, it’s almost impossible to generate 2 crore jobs every year.

Here it’s important to understand that when we talk of employment we mean employment with appropriate remuneration (salary) as per one’s education.