4 Tips for Controlling Anger : By American Psychological Association

Controlling AngerIf you describe yourself as one prone to anger OR if others talk about your weird temper in front of you or behind you, then you need to do something about your behaviour. As anger is not good for health. In addition, anger may appear to be beneficial in certain situations, but broadly speaking it hurts more than it helps. According to the American Psychological Association, one can learn how to control anger. The act of controlling anger lies in the way one thinks. Thus, if you learn how to change your way of thinking, you can keep anger in check.

The American Psychological Association offers the following four tips for Controlling Anger :

1. Don’t use words such as “always” or “never” : When you discussing something involving yourself or others, never use these words.

2. Focus on goals and how to achieve them, rather than dwelling on problems themselves : It’s good to focus on goals and how you plan to achieve them. Dwelling on problems themselves is a trigger to Anger.

3. Keep in Mind the Consequence of Anger : Before letting yourself to a fit of anger, think about the consequence of Anger. One such consequence is : Anger can make you behave irrationally, so step back and make sure you’re reacting in a logical way.

4. Don’t issue demands : Making Demands is not Good. After all you’re NOT a kid any more.¬†Instead, make requests of things you want.

The above tips will give you results only when you act on them. Behavior Change needs constant effort, until the new behavior becomes a part of you.