4 year integrated BEd Programme | Format, other Key Details

4 year integrated BEd Programme has been announced. Below are the key details about format, model, levels etc.

Four years ago in 2015, we shared with our readers a Modi govt. idea of some BEd format after class 12th . At that time, a few readers asked us — How will it be possible?

2-year Bachelor of Education or BEd will END

4-year integrated B.Ed format and other details

National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) is the governing body for the teacher training BEd degree, hence new integrated BEd programme is being called 4 year integrated BEd programme. Below is format and other details:

1. 3+1 Year Integrated BEd course

This means that One year of BEd will be added to the four-year integrated BEd course. So it will be :

BA-BEd (3+1 years), BCom-BEd (3+1 years) and; BSc-BEd (3+1 years).

2. Compulsory BEd for anyone who has even a small desire to take a teaching job

As can be seen the new integrated BEd format model is for anyone who has even some desire to pursue teaching as a career.

3. Save 1 year in BEd for aspiring teachers

The 4-year integrated BEd course, will save one year in BEd for those who want to pursue teaching as career.  When implemented, it will save the aspirants one year since they can join it right after their Class 12, against the current system of first doing graduation and then the two-year BEd.

Here it must be understood that 4 year integrated BEd programme is — A degree which will tell the student whether he/she wants to take teaching as profession in future or NOT. So in that sense it can seen as a waste of 1 year.

4. 4 year integrated BEd course with 2 levels

Pre-Primary to Primary and Upper Primary to Secondary.

5. Recent Developments in BEd  teacher training degree programme in last five years:

In 2014, the duration of the Bachelor of Education programme was increased from 1 year to 2 years. The new integrated BEd format will bring it back to 1 year.

6. Few Universities and Institutions running 4 year integrated BEd degree programme

So it is not being done for the first time. But the rate of opting 4 year integrated BEd degree programme is quite low compared to 2 year BEd degree.

7. Grace period for Bachelor’s or Master’s degree holders

There will be a provision of Grace Period for those who have already done their bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

The duration of grace period for a two-year BEd degree or a three-year integrated BEd + MEd degree is still NOT known.

8. 4 year integrated BEd Programme will start from academic session 2019-2020

That is this year itself.

9. NCTE 4 year integrated BEd programme model can be adapted or modified by concerned universities or institutions conducting this programme

10. Objective of the 4 year integrated BEd programme

As said in above — the 3+1 year integrated bachelor’s degree programme is for those who have a desire to take teaching as profession. If seen in its ideal sense — It will give the person a slight taste of teaching profession.

So it is meant for those who want to choose teaching as a profession in future. IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.

In addition, the 4 year integrated BEd model doesn’t tell anything about the teaching job prospects of present BEd degree holders or; the number of teaching vacancies in the country.