5 Areas Weaver Birds mimic Humans

Weaver Birds, or Baya in Hindi, are simply fascinating. Especially when you start comparing them with humans. 5 Areas Weaver Birds mimic Humans!


With God’s grace, a dozen weaver nests grace my house backyard every monsoon season. Weaver Birds are the size as sparrows, the only distinction for a non-expert bird watcher is the yellow tinge on Weaver wings and a yellow beak. That apart, when last monsoon some of the weaver bird babies were abandoned and I had to take care of them; I got to know that weaver birds are non-vegetarian. Sparrows in contrast are seen pecking on grains.

Watching the entire process of nest making, egg laying & hatching and arrival of baby birds is a fascinating experience. Watching busy Weaver Birds is fascinating, as it gives we humans the opportunity to see how closely these tiny birds resemble us. In addition, the areas where there’s a disconnect, there are lessons for humans. Lessons from the Tiny Weaver birds.

5 Areas Weaver Birds mimic Humans!

1) Weaver Birds make Perfect Nests:


Weaver birds make very beautiful, safe and architecturally perfect nests. Weaver bird nests are made to face east, north or north east direction. This is to ensure, the sun doesn’t shine right on the baby Weaver birds faces.

The entrance of the Weaver Bird Nests  is parallel to the ground. I assume this is to save the baby Weaver birds from the enemies. Another reason for making a corridor type passage from the room to the nest entrance is to make the monsoon water trickle down to the ground. This way babies will not get wet. The wall of the long passage, up to the living compartment also prevents teh baby Weaver birds from falling to the ground.

Weaver bird Nests remain suspended from the top. This keeps the babies safe from any crawling enemy, like a snake.

Weaver Bird Nests aremade by weaving grass leaves. Weaver Birds finally dissect these grass leaves (normally those grass used as milch animal fodder) in equal segments or equal widths. They bring one segment at a time and start the nest weaving  process. That’s why these birds are called Weaver Birds.

2) Male Weaver Birds make nests:


Who says only human wives are demanding! In the Weaver bird world as well, the responsibility of providing a roof to the partner and the kids, rests on the male weaver.

The process of weaving nests begins with the inspection. A group of male Weavers reach the location, where the nests are to be built. You can recognise male weaver birds by a small beard like thing below the lower beak. After inspection they return. Within a day or two they return and start weaving the nests. During the Weaving process female Weaver Birds keep doing rounds. As if they were inspecting the work.


3) Weaver Birds seem Monogamous:


Studies have shown that birds are mostly monogamous. That’s just like humans they spend their lives with the same partner. Watching weaver birds for some years now, made me agree to this claim.

I’ve observed that the moment a male weaver bird starts weaving the nest, a female weaver starts making periodic rounds.

Now although, obviously I can’t say which female Weaver bird is appreciating or keeping an eye on the progress of which nest, but I can say with certain surety that it’s the same bird appreciating the same nest. I think so,  as if the inspecting ritual by female Weaver Bird would have been an exercise to look for best male Weaver and mate with him, then she would have arrived at the location, once the nest is complete.

Just like humans, only a committed partner or spouse will encourage the other all through the house building process.


4) Female Weaver Bird raises the babies:


Raising here means the act of feeding. Most of the times, it’s the female weaver who brings worms for the babies. The male who can be seen frolicking around, appears to be watching for any threat. On few occasions, I saw him bringing worms too.

On behaviour of male Weaver bird, which simply brings a feeling of admiration for him is the nest repairs. Sometimes when the female Weaver is around and the kids are inside the nest, male weaver enters the nest, comes out of it and starts repairing. All this while male and female keep tweeting something to each other. Every time I see this, it appears to me as if the female Weaver complained about leaking roof and the male instantly started repairing the leak.


5)Keep Walking Philosophy:


Well known brand Jonnie Walker made famous the “Keep Walking” quote. The quote simply means that one should keep going no matter what the circumstances of the life be. Charismatic Italian Soccer player, Roberto Baggio,  missed a crucial penalty in World Cup game; but he didn’t stop playing football (Johnnie Walker’s Keep Walking Commercial) .

Sometimes enemies of Weaver birds like crows, monkeys ransack Weaver Bird Nests and abandon or kill all the baby Weaver Birds. The male and female Weaver birds feel sad for a day, then they move on.


It can be a debatable point as to who mimics whom. May be we humans started mimicking the animal world thousands of years ago. But that debate is irrelevant, when tiny creatures like Weaver Birds give us such fascinating insights into their lives.