5 Facebook Updates that Hurt Your Employment Chances

The top Facebook Updates that can Hurt Your Employment Chances, are no surprise. And if you normally pay heed to your mind, before making any Facebook update or tweet (on Twitter) then it surely would have alerted you prior these updates.

Facebook updates, Twitter updates which hurt your employment chances5 Facebook Updates that Hurt Your Employment Chances (You must remember these on every Social network and while commenting on YouTube or elsewhere)

Increasing number of Recruiters and Employers are using Social media to hire people; hence a social network profile has become more than just a socializing page. It has become a facet of you, telling recruiters who you are (as a person). In countries where recruiters do scan a job aspirant’s social network profiles, a social media update may have the propensity to make or break a career, suggest a new survey by JobVite.

According to Jobvite’s 2013 Social Recruiting Survey, more than 80 percent of recruiters or employers found the five Updates or behaviours on Social networks as leaving a negative impression and thus hurting a candidate’s employment chances:

1) Any Mention of Drugs in a update

2) Updates or tweets or posts of a sexual nature.

3) Updates about Drinking

4) Sharing or liking someone else’s such content

5) Spelling mistakes

1-4 in the above list are attributes of a person lacking control. And who wants to hire someone, who needs another person to control him/her.