5 Kinds of People who encouraged others to Press NOTA

If you as a voter don’t know, then there is a piece of information for you — There will be no NOTA button in the electronic voting machines(EVMs) in the upcoming assembly and Lok Sabha elections?

So next time you go to cast your valuable vote, don’t even bother about searching for NOTA (None Of The Above) button.

But do vote.

No NOTA button, no none of the above buttonWe as voters can give our vote to any candidate we favor. But don’t trust any person who tells you NOT to vote, because it will be a plain waste of time as there is no good candidate to vote for.

Exercising one’s own choice is always better than not exercising choice at all. It is impossible not to find the best candidate even among average or below average candidates.

So do vote.

It is good to know that there will be NO NOTA option in upcoming elections. It was a useless choice.

NOTA was a useless choice for the reasons below:

  • It discourages people from exercising their choice.
  • Pressing NOTA is equivalent to writing something important on a piece of paper and putting it to dustbin. NOTA votes don’t affect the election outcome.
  • It encourages negative voting, which in simple means that a very opinionated, political friend or any person can encourage you NOT vote for the candidate of your choice; and Instead press NOTA. Such people are always more than eager to cast their own vote to the candidate of their choice; but for political reasons discourage others from voting.

It is GOOD to know that there will be NO NOTA in upcoming elections.

I have observed that these 5 kind of people discourage others from voting (or encourage them to Press NOTA):

  • Who habitually say there is NO ALTERNATIVE.
  • Who want to create an atmosphere that every politician or candidate is a thief.
  • Who habitually say that they DO NOT like politics (or are apolitical), but for some reasons there views are very political and often extreme. You can easily guess which political party or candidate they jealously support. You can even suspect them to be card holders of some political party.
  • Who pressurize other voters to vote for no-serious election candidates, who everyone knows can never win.
  • And finally, for some vested political reasons, they tell people to choose an agreeable candidate, by boycotting election process. This particular trait can even be found among most thinking individuals. But that does not mean their advice is worth following. A formal Election process is always better than making people arrive on an agreeable candidate informally or by boycotting elections.

To conclude, let I share with you a real conversation that took place between I and a friend. A day or two after the voting day, this person told me that he had pressed the NOTA button as his choice. I asked him why? … He said because all the candidates in the contest were bad. I told him — A person who can discuss about his vote two days after the voting, can never press NOTA. He simply smiled.