5 Reasons why You should routinely back up your Data on PC, Mobiles

Some Key reasons why it’s important to routinely back up your Data (storing it at some other place) sitting on your PC, mobile devices, blogs or websites:

  1. With increasing hard disk capacities, we are storing much more than desired on our PCs.
  2. With increasing trend of Cloud storage, we ourselves are not aware, what sensitive data is sitting where.
  3. The increased Mobility and increase in the number of mobile devices we carry on a daily basis, increases the risk to the data sitting on our devices, in case our device is stolen or Backing up data does make sense.
  4. Unexpected hard disk fails; and threat to data because of malware, ransomwares and other malicious codes also means one should have more options for data recovery. In the case of virus and other malware attacks, having a separate copy of the crucial data is always the best practice.
  5. With regard to Blogs, Websites or any other online property, routinely backing up helps because the data is under constant threat of being infected by some malicious code, the website host can bar your access your to your data for some TOS breach etc.