5 Things David Smith’s ‘300 pounds weight Regain’ teaches You

Remember David Smith, the 650-Pound Virgin’ Who Lost Weight & Found Love, three years ago? The guy who overnight became the poster boy for the extreme slim-down?

If you remember him, then brace yourself for some discouraging news: The star of TLC’s The 650-Pound Virgin, Smith dropped who lost a jaw dropping 400 pounds, became a trainer, found his first ever girlfriend, and inspired millions to get fit; has regained nearly 300 pounds and is morbidly obese once again.

In his own words, the main reason for the weight regain or the setback, is that he tackled only half his problem.

This is what he has to say,

” Focusing on diet and exercise, I looked really good on the outside but inside I was a terrible mess, I saw someone who didn’t know who they were. All my life I was this monster in my head. And all of the sudden, to be this good-looking guy just blew my mind away. I didn’t know how to deal with it.”

“The pressure didn’t help either. Suddenly a public figure, A lot of people were counting on me to be inspiring. I didn’t want to let anyone down. I just didn’t know how to cope”.

Like so many others, Smith was only focused on the physical. He never dealt with the emotional issues that caused him to overeat in the first place. It’s why people commonly gain back most, if not more, of the weight they worked so hard to lose (As that makes them comfortable once again. And feeling comfortable, free from any insecurity is much important for mind, than keeping a slim body). And in cases of gastric bypass patients, where it’s physically impossible to eat like they used to, they will often transfer that food addiction to something else, like shopping, gambling, or drugs.

Smith has put himself to get fit again. And Good thing is, in his second attempt he is equipped with a clear understanding that the success is about much more than looks.

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5 Things David Smith’s ‘300 pounds weight Regain’ teaches You

It’s obvious that all those people out there who saw David as an inspiration to get from an insalubrious body to a healthy one, may be disappointed by the news; but if they can learn important lessons from David’s setback, then David could still be their Hero figure.

Below are Five Things which you can Learn from David’s weight regain:

1)Too much public gaze is not Good: In many endevors in life, including weight loss, too much public spotlight is not good. It puts undue pressure on the incumbent. To an extent that he/she starts losing the mental toughness required to continue.

2) Love for self irrespective of the bodily appearance is Important: The reason why people lose the motivation to remain slim after a significant weight loss, is that they realize, “Life has not much changed”. Even after getting slim, they realise that they They are facing the same Life challenges, which they faced when they were weighty. This demotivates them, and they stop caring about remaining slim. Hence before embarking on a weight loss journey; embark on a journey to “Love Yourself”. Do a fact finding exercise. Set aside your body, and think about the things, virtues and achievements which make you special and hence beautiful. It’s not possible that you won’t have any good things about you. You may be a great friend, an upright professional or an honest citizen. You may have a million dollar smile. First accept yourself mentally; and then reform yourself Bodily.

3) Win over your Insecurities: In an article on this blog, I have written “How women become obese as they don’t want guys stare at them, the same way they stare at a Hollywood actress”. In another write-up, I said “If you are a man with a short height or are a guy who puts too much emphasis on bodily strength, then you are more likely to be obese”. In short, before losing weight, try to figure out the “insecurities deep inside” which stop you from losing weight. For instance, as a man you may have a feeling that ‘Becoming less weighty will make you susceptible to unwanted advances, physical or verbal’ from dominating men in your friend circle or society. [This insecurity was reflected in David’s talk above]

4) Lose weight slowly: Losing weight quickly negatively impacts not only the body, but also the mind.

5) Make Your Weight Loss a move towards a Healthy Mind and Body: To summarize, rather than number of pounds lost — number of miles walked, run or biked should be your goal. Losing weight for a family get together or upcoming wedding is NOT ADVISABLE.