50 Cent gets motivation to lose weight

A movie role about cancer-stricken footballer, is the motivation behind Rapper 50 Cent’s massive 54 pounds weight loss.

Curtis James Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent,35, who stars in a movie about a cancer-stricken footballer, is seen looking very gaunt in an unofficial trailer for the film, after he lost 54 pounds to play the role.

In the movie ‘Things Fall Apart’, 50 Cent, plays a high school football player who has dreams of joining the Miami Dolphins, only to learn he has cancer.

The rapper, who normally weighs about 214 pounds, shocked his fans last May after he released a photo of himself at a frail 160 pounds after going on a liquid diet and spending three hours a day on the treadmill for nine weeks. At that time the rapper defined the weight loss as — “I was starving”.

The role of motivation in any endeavor, losing weight is one small example, cannot be under-estimated. Although no one needs or should starve oneself, like 50 Cent did; Getting oneself motivated to get back to a healthy weight is always recommended. And 50 Cent proves that if tried, losing weight is not difficult. The right way to lose weight is — Eat healthy balanced diet, exercise regularly and treat your self with occasional junk food. Ya don’t need to skip so called junk food altogether — Eat healthy for 5 days a week and go a bit off-lane for two days.