50 percent of men will dump their girlfriend if she gains weight: Survey

Would your boyfriend dump you for gaining weight?

The answer is Yes and No, depending on which group your boyfriend belongs.

A new poll of 7,600 men by AskMen. com has found that half of men would dump their girlfriend if she gained weight, according to the Vancouver Sun.

The poll just asked the respondents one plain question — Will you dump your girlfriend for gaining weight?; and hence doesn’t give (the poll) any other clues like how many extra pounds a guy finds distasteful or whether they themselves are carrying the ideal weight.

Nevertheless, AskMen.com found that the results of the poll have remained relatively consistent over the years and that it “doesn’t necessarily mean men are superficial. In simple, if a man says he will dump his girlfriend for gaining weight, then he’s saying so because of some deep rooted perception regarding ‘aesthetics and other factors related to the weight’.

According to AskMen.com, one of the reasons for this “distaste for weight gain in their girlfriends” is that men are put off by it because they see it as indicative of her caring less or putting less effort into the relationship.


The poll findings are indicative of how men see weight gain in women. Although it’s an entirely different thing, whether a guy will actually leave his girlfriend for gaining weight; the poll shows how a man perceives weight in a woman. Given an ideal option, half of the guys will want their girl to sport a super model figure.

But the survey also finds that half of the respondents are al right with weight gain in their girlfriends. This indicates that these men either find fat attractive or have affiliation to fat; or simply don’t give much importance to the weight in their love interest.

So to summarize, people find love irrespective of the weight they carry or whether they start to put on weight while in a relationship. Just like anything else, people have different tastes with respect to body types. Some like slim bodies, others like slightly wholesome bodies and a section of people even love fat, the more the better. So there’s no need to type cast a particular body appearance to finding a soul mate. Love is beyond physical appearance; and hence needs no prior preparation. When the right person comes in vicinity, it happens automatically.

But the findings of the survey don’t mean that you should become careless about your weight. Having an ideal weight is important for your health. So you should always try to have a normal body weight. For this the best way is to – eat healthy, in right quantities and exercise regularly.