6 India Centric Features in Samsung J Series Entry level 4G smartphones

With fast 4G adoption in India, various handset makers are trying to make their mobile devices as 4G friendly as possible. Keeping in sight the proliferation of 4G devices at entry level 4G devices, Samsung India is busy strengthening its J Series portfolio of entry level Android 4G Devices. The recent additions being Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace and Galaxy J1 4G. The move seems to be in the right direction as Samsung’s Galaxy J Series is the best-selling smartphone series in the affordable segment and has been synonymous with making 4G relevant and accessible in India.

What is good about the Samsung 4G J Series smartphones is that they are very affordable (below Rupees 10 thousand) price tag, keeping in view the user experience they offer. That apart, the features offered by Samsung smartphones are far more dependable in this price segment. The Build material, quality and design is great as well.

Below are 5 India-centric features in Samsung 4G J Series smartphones, which make the series very interesting for its buyers:  Below are the features which are offered keeping in mind affordable 4G smartphone buyers in India:

  1. Ultra Data Saving (UDS) Mode : This feature provides up to 50% mobile data savings with data compression.
  2. S Bike mode:  Once activated the mode informs callers through an automated answering machine that the person they’re calling is riding a bike and cannot take calls. In case of an emergency, callers can press 1, and take the call. The biker can then pull over and take the call.
  3. S Power Planning : It is a smart battery management system that empowers users to stay connected at all times.
  4. S Secure :  Ensures the safest browsing experience and provides privacy features to keep personal information protected.
  5. Turbo Speed Technology : Samsung’s proprietary Turbo Speed Technology (TST) optimizes the device RAM allowing it to open apps up to 40% faster than devices with double the RAM. This enables the user to use multiple apps on 4G without having to worry about device performance.
  6. Multi-tasking : Powerful processor and RAM combinations allows users to multi-task with ease.

The good thing about Samsung 4G devices is their evolution. which seems to be going hand in hand with changing user habits. Not only Samsung’s entry level Android 4G Devices have bigger screens, they are also focusing on the selfie trend among Indian buyers in this segment. To enable a user have a great selfie experience means equipping a camera with not only a great front camera for all lighting conditions but also seamless and economical way of sharing those selfies on any social network of choice. Samsung smartphones on this segment seem to be in line with these requirements. For instance, just launched Samsung Galaxy J2 Ace serves as Samsung’s most affordable smartphone with a front camera flash feature. Some of these devices have advanced camera modes including Beauty Face that allow users to enhance images automatically. At the same time its Galaxy J1 4G will be the most affordable smartphone with a Super AMOLED display. This also means offering best in class 4 experience, which allows the user the benefits of 4G speeds such as streaming entertainment. The hardware needs to support these changes in user habits as well.

[NOTE: Please refer to specs for detailed specs.]