6 Things To Do to Deal with Halloween or any Festive Leftovers in a Healthy Way

The last three months of a year are the months of Festivities in a major part of the globe. Right now US is busy with Halloween, two months forward it’ll be busy with Christmas celebrations. Focus to any country in the world and people are celebrating some major festival in the next 60 days.

All these festivities, although gladden the heart; they also become a prime reason for upsetting our stomachs.

Loyola University Health System registered dietitian Brooke Schantz, says that the leftover Halloween candy people bring into the office the next day can be a real diet-buster (call this the festive food leftovers to include all major festivals world-over).

The expert notes that while Consuming too many of those leftover treats can not only expand waistline, they decrease a person’s productivity too.

The reason and the consequence connection goes like this — A sugar high can lead to a few minutes of initial alertness and provide a short burst of energy, but the sugar crash when the high subsides will make the person feel tired, fatigued and hungry.

6 Things To Do to Deal with Halloween or any festive Leftovers:

1) Agree with co-workers not to bring in any leftover. If colleague brings some festive delight to office out of affection, don’t act in a snubbing manner, as people who love are more important than waistlines and productivity. Break a pinch of the delight and enjoy it and give the person a hug. If you found that not many people have opened their delights on your face, then a spoonful for the sake of affection is good too. Something you can take care with proper exercise (if you care about much exercise, you will have to exercise much as well).

2) Go to office or start your day if you stay at house, with a adequate normal breakfast (not the one consisting of leftovers).

3) Don’t ask colleagues or neighbors what they prepared for the festival.

4) Prepare and take to office alternative healthy snacks instead.

5) Get rid of the Leftovers as early as possible, if you don’t wish to over eat. One good way is to put all in carry bags and take them to those people who can’t have enough, like kids living in orphanages, rehabilitation centers, poor. But one thing, if you have a toddler, who is as hungry and can’t get enough all the time, especially during festivals; make sure to leave ample for him/her as well. Kids can consume much much more sugar than adults; as they are much active. Celebrating a festival without making the kids happy is like having all money in the world and not spending it.

6) If people visit your place to socialize after the festival, don’t push them to try every preparation and that too in modest quantity. They are as full as you are.

Happy Halloween, Happy Festivals.