7 Secrets of the Goddess: NOT a Guide on Goddess Worship!

Calendar Like Goddess picture on a Devdutt Pattanaik book is unusual. But trust me, this surely is NOT a Guide on Goddess Worship.

NOT a Guide on Goddess WorshipI passed by the book many times. I treated the book as a book on ways to worship Mother Goddess. Today, I took extra effort to read the author’s name. What? Is it Devdutt Pattanaik’s book!

Seeing a Calendar like Goddess on Devdutt Pattanaik book cover is unusual. The MBBS Doctor-turned-Mythologist-turned-Management Guru who teaches Corporate in India and abroad useful management lessons through mythological stories, self illustrates his books. His illustration style is unique. Once you see them, you can instantly spot his book by its cover.

That said, a Devdutt Pattanaik book is must buy for any Pattanaik fan. I will not call myself a fan, but they are interesting.

What the new Pattanaik book is all about?

It looks at the Indian mythology for answers to questions like :

Why does Goddess Lakshmi massage Vishnu’s feet? Is this male domination?

Why does Goddess Kali stand on Shiva’s chest? Is this female domination?

Shiva is half a woman. Is this gender equality?

Why is Shakti never half a man?

The 7 Secrets of the Goddess is the fourth title in the bestselling 7 Secrets series. The series focuses on Goddess and is the author’s attempt to investigate stories, symbols and rituals of Hindu mythology to unravel the gender relationships converyed by them.

Devdutt Pattanaik is a celebrated mythologist who had also donned the role of CBO (Chief Belief Officer) of the Kishore Biyani led Future Group (Big Bazaar). His Business Sutras Series on CNBC Awaz was quite popular where among other things he explains as to why Ram’s insistence on his word can’t help one succeed during Mahabharata.That’s why the hero of Mahabharata, Krishna, doesn’t shy away from using deceptive tactics.