8 Useful Kitchen Tips that Every Homemaker Should Know

8 Useful Kitchen Tips that Every Homemaker Should Know. Useful Kitchen Tips you can actually use.


For every woman, kitchen is a special place. We not only like to have the best kitchen in the world, but also want it to reflect our intelligence. Quick and Useful kitchen Tips, apart from making us effective, help us accomplish the latter. Given below are a few useful kitchen tips which would help you to avoid food wastage and will make you an accomplished cook:

8 Useful Kitchen Tips for you — the Homemaker


1) Mix a few drops of lemon juice while you cook the pudding. This will greatly enhance its taste.

2) While making vegetable fritters (pakoras), mix a few drops of mustard oil and some rice flour in the paste of gram flour that you have prepared. This will make your fritters crispier and more palatable.

3) Keep a spoonful of sugar in the container of almonds to prevent the almonds from festering for years and years.

4) While preparing coriander or mint chutney, mix one spoonful of butter. This will preserve the flavor of chutney for a long time and it would not putrefy easily.

5) When you use chopped coriander leaves to flavor your curry make sure that you do not throw the remnants. As these can be used to prepare chutney.

6) If you fear that the potatoes which you have just bought are sweet and do not want to consume them. You can peel them and keep them in salty water for a couple of hours. Once you do so they would no longer be sweet in taste.

7) If you want to ripen raw bananas, mangoes or any other fruit, you should keep them in the container of wheat flour for some days.

8) Placing alum in the container of sugar will keep the ants away.

There are many other kitchen tips using which you would be able to prevent wastage and be able to enhance flavor in your food. I will keep on posting……….