A Better way to assess your Child’s Grades at School | Study

What can be a better way to assess your Child’s Grades at School. Parents can use this performance indicator.

This time of the year, parents are busy appraising their child’s School quality. This is an important task because the conclusions derived now will enable them decide the choice of school in the next academic session. May be a good public school (Private School) can help the child improve his/her grades. Or should they look at some other performance indicator?

The results of a new Stanford study conducted among 45 Lakh students of US Community and Private Schools can be of help for such anxious parents.

According to the Study findings, instead of judging a child’s grades on the basis of the Type of School — Government or Private, the parents must assess the child on the rate of improvement in her/his score over time.

The study found that the affluent status of the neighborhood or the high reputation of a School is no indicator of a Child’s better performance. Nor is it the indicator of a child’s success as an adult. In fact for US Schools, the balance showed favoring the Community Schools. The kids who studied in these Schools from second grade to eighth grade, had better grades than their counterparts in Public Schools (Private Schools).

The study thus suggests something else to parents. It suggests them to look for a better indicator — If the child’s scores show an improvement, before and after, then the School may not be that bad.

Another way of saying it is this — If a child is able to perform visibly better in average tests (neither too easy nor too difficult) for the class he/she is in, then parents need not worry too much about the Child’s school.

To conclude, parents must remember that Government or Private before a school’s name doesn’t make it good or bad. There are more important factors which decide a Child’s performance in School. Some of these factors are a child’s aptitude, learning potential, interest in a subject, parents’ education, home atmosphere, parents’ attention towards the kid. For a good decision, parents need to look into all these factors.