A Lesson for Indian Police : Respect must not come out of Fear

Indian police can learn a lesson from its New York USA counterpart. The Lesson is : Respect must not come out of Fear. In order to command true respect and admiration of the people, the police must be a real friend of the people. Mere words on placards will not serve any purpose.

In an attempt to engage with the city’s residents, the New York Police department asked Twitter users to share positive stories and pictures of their interactions with police officers using the hashtag #myNYPD. Twitter users had other intentions, or may be New York residents didn’t have any positive stories about the NYPD. Within seconds of the NYPD request, the social media platform was quickly flooded with photos of police brutality accompanied by the hashtag.

This gave NYPD a moment of introspection. Or a wisdom that unless people respect you in true terms, Twitter is not a place to mess with. NYPD’s experience gives a moment of introspection to Indian Police as well.