A Simple Formula to find whether you are over weight or not?

There’s a simple formula to find your current weight status.

Step 1: Find your height in centimeters Like a 5 feet person is 60 inches or 150 centimeters tall (Multiply your height in feet with 30 OR Your height in inches with 2.54 centimeters).

Step 2: Now subtract 100 from you height in centimeters.

Example: A five feet person has 62 kgs weight. Is he overweight?

Ans. The height of a 5 feet person in centimeters = 5 X 30 cms = 150 cms
What should be his or her ideal weight = 150-100 Kgs = 50 Kgs
The person is above his or her ideal weight.

Now although there are other factors Like

Age: A young boy in his twenties, 5 kgs overweight projects a more negative health than a 45 year old with the same extra weight.

Gender: A overweight women is less at risk than an overweight man.

But, irrespective of going for too much details, if a person keeps his or her weight at or around the ideal weight range (using the above formula) by eating nutritious, balanced and sufficient diet along with right physical activity and doesn’t feel less energy; then the person is doing great good for his or her present and future.

[Note: 1kg equals 2.2 pounds. Divide weight in pounds by 2.2 to find your weight in Kgs]