A Simple Mathematical Formula to know whether you are Obese or Not

You may have heard people talking about the amount of body fat one should have. You may also have heard people adding additional details to the big issue of Body Fat like – The amount of Body fat that poses risk to an individual depends on his/her age, gender, health etc. If you see a sheet showing ideal body fat, you will find it contain head like age, gender etc along with Body fat ranges like 11-19 percent, and so on.

But believe me such details are for doctors; as how will you know what body fat percentage you have at present?

So don’t get bogged by such details; unless you are a doctor.

Try some simple maths instead:

A person is generally considered obese if they are more than 20 percent over their ideal weight.

So if a person’s ideal weight is 70 Kgs, if he/she is above 84 Kgs; then he/she is obese.

Calculation: (70 multiplied by 0.2) + 70 = 14+ 70 = 84 Kgs

Any weight in between 70 (ideal weight) and 84, makes the person overweight.
Obese or overweight should be considered negative; one should aspire to have the ideal weight.