A Study linking Obesity and Breast Cancer

According to a, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services report, almost half of breast cancer cases in New Jersey are diagnosed among obese women.

Anyone whose weight is 20 percent more than her ideal weight is called obese.

But a recent¬†report is of importance, as it wasn’t until seven years ago that even the medical community fully understood the link between body fat and cancer risk.

According to Dr. Elisa Bandera, a cancer epidemiologist at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey,

“Now we know adipose tissue (say body fat) is very active and transforms androgen into estrogen,” she added. “Most of the estrogen that postmenopausal women have in their bodies is from the adipose tissue. This has become a very serious issue in cancer prevention.”

Losing excess weight helps prevent breast cancer in women and decreases the risk of recurrence in breast cancer survivors, said the study.

Summary: People think breast cancer is about genetics, but there are things they can do if they want to have some control or prevent breast cancer occurrence or re-occurrence.