A Weight Loss technique for those who can speak anything with a straight face

For those among us, who believe they can make people believe that at the time of their wedding or last B’day, they were much lighter than their present appearance; providing videos as an evidence; then there is surely some hope, if not right now, but in close future.

Scientists in Germany have created software that enables actors to appear thinner or heavier on-screen. The program also alters muscle tone and body shape, according to The New Scientist. This is a major step in enabling Hollywood to throw away their fat suits!.

The software is a much help to those perfectionists in Hollywood who leave no stone unturned to get as close to the role as possible. Recently Robert De Niro, gained 60 pounds for his role in “Raging Bull.

But eventually, it can be hoped the software will allow a common Joe to alter his videos too. Al right he/she will not be using it add some extra pounds