A Word of Caution for Indians: Suspected Foray of Fatal MERS Virus in India

A Red Alert has been sounded in India to prevent the entry of this highly contagious MERS virus. The MERS virus is infection at times can be fatal.

Beware Indians! As the highly infectious MERS virus(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coron-virus) has suspected to have arrived in India. Gearing them up against this deadly virus, the government officials in India have enhanced surveillance at all the international airports. Saudi Arabia was the first country to hit by this communicable virus on September 2012 and since then many other countries all across the world like UK, Italy and France have become the worst-hit victims of this virus. The contagious disease is closely related to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS and therefore the symptoms of this disease are like Swine Flu.

Suspected Foray of Fatal MERS Virus in IndiaThough there is a common apprehension that the MERS virus has made its foray in India but the health officials have confirmed that so far there has been no case reported in India. The causative agent of MERS is SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus which is one of the most fatal virus that has claimed many lives. However, a red alert has been sounded in India to prevent the entry of this highly contagious MERS virus.

All those who are planning to travel to middle-east should be very cautious and need to take necessary precautionary steps against MERS virus infection. What has worried Indian government official more is the imminent Haj Yatra made by several pilgrims all across the India.

Common Symptoms Related to MERS Virus Infection:

The general public is advised to report the health officials immediately if they come across symptoms like short breath, cough and fever. The symptoms can be of MERS virus, especially when you have travelled abroad in recent times. So, if you experience any of these symptoms you should report it with an immediate effect so as to prevent the outbreak.

As a precautionary step, an advisory has been sent to all the state officials to enhance surveillance at all the international airports and keep tabs ion the people visiting to India from Middle East countries.