Aadhar Card valid Identity Proof for Opening Bank Account

Aadhar Card valid Identity Proof for Opening Bank Account. Address on Aadhar Card and Address given by Bank Account Holder Must be Same.

Aadhar Card as a valid identity proof is started being recognised by the Government. Aadhar Card will be considered a valid proof for Opening a Bank Account in India, informed Minister of State for Finance, Namo Narayan Meena, in Lok Sabha yesterday.

Notably, the RBI has also recognised Aadhar Card under KYC Rules (Know Your Customer Rules).

NOTE: The Aadhar Card will be a valid proof of identity and Residence, only when the Address mentioned in the Aadhar Card is the same as the Address given by the Bank Account Applicant.

Valid Identity Proofs to Open a bank Account in India

Voter Identity Card

Driving License

PAN Card

Aadhar Card

NOTE: All the above proofs are valid only when the address mentioned in the proof document is the same as the one mentioned by the Bank Account Holder. In an event, when Address is not mentioned in the card, as in the case of PAN Card, or is different from the one mentioned in the form by the bank account holder, then separate Address proofs like Ration Card, Utility Bills are needed to be enclosed.