Aarya Babbar Book Review : Simply f***ed Up

Book Review : “MY FIANCEE, ME & I FU**EDUP”. Uses ‘There’ and ‘Their’ without any distinction.

There are writers, there are more writers, then there is Aarya Babbar and then there is Auto-writer (a device which can write any assignment, essay, article or a book in a few second). As I sit down to review Aarya Babbar’s “MY FIANCEE, ME & I FU**EDUP“; I must confess, I am confused. As confused as the 26 year old Gujju Rushabh Shah, the hero and co-author of the story. I was confused because I often started to believe it was not a book but a long WhatsApp forward by a 16 year old boy who is always confused between “There” and “Their” and uses any one of them as if these words are some kind of goggles and can be used any which way.

“MY FIANCEE, ME & I FU**EDUP” is a pretty decent book content-wise. I understand the use of the WhatsApp language is perhaps to show how poor the Gujju English is. But then why should the whole narration and all characters speak in the same dizzy language ? The entire book appears more like a hastily prepared screenplay of a future Emran Hashmi movie rather than a book. It is loaded with dialogues, kisses, smooches, raunchy scenes and some suspense for the climax.

Aarya Babbar Book Review : "MY FIANCEE, ME & I FU**EDUP".But the saving grace of the book is the Auto-writer, At least we get a feeling that we are still living in a world, where English still is a language and not a vestigial remnant of an old world document from the Mayan era.

What did I like ?

There is a story. Howsoever contrived it might be, Aarya Babbar has a story to tell and his characters are mostly real. Rushabh, his childhood sweetheart Mahek, Mahek’s father, Mehul Shah [Rushabh’s father], Mukul and Dolly are all real life people. There are a few supporting lady characters but they are mostly ornamental. There are some extremely funny sequences and many unfunny and dumb sequences. But the plot does manage to hold our interest to an extent because of the two girls and one boy plot. I also liked the cover page that shows the battery of Rushabh’s phone at 1%. Definitely innovative.

What I did not like ?

At 261 pages, 16 Chapters, a Prologue and an Epilogue, the book isn’t a short one. It is as long as a movie script in reality. There are a lot of distractions thanks to Mukul and his ‘sexcapades’. Perhaps the idea is to have Tussar Kapoor as Rushabh and Emran Hashmi as Mukul. Aarya Babbar definitely belongs to cinema. I heard Riteish Deshmukh called this “An unputdownable laugh riot”. I am not so sure. It does evoke a few laughs but not a riot by any stretch of imagination.

It would be a total waste of time dwelling any more on this. It definitely is FU**EDUP. I would recommend this ‘book’ to only those who enjoy WhatsApp messages which go like, “U c v 2 r maid 4 ech oder. i luv u n i no u luv me 2. y u no agree u luv me?…” through most of those 261 pages. Others can safely stay away from this Aarya Babbar production. I will not read another Aarya Babbar book until and unless he hires his Autowriter to write the entire book.

My Rating : 1.5 out of 5. Not Recommended