Advani, Modi and Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Yesterday, BJP officially announced Narendra Bhai Modi as their Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2014 Lok Sabha Elections. On the side lines, a very sad Lal Krishna Advani expressed his disappointment to the BJP President Rajnath Singh. Although, Advani didn’t bless Modi in the Post-Declaration press meet, Modi made a courtesy visit to Advani, at the latter’s residence. The visit was to get blessing from octogenarian (someone in his eighties) Advani ji.

In Hinduism, taking the blessing of elders is a ritual. Ritual in a sense that many a times elders are reduced to the sole role of a blesser. The way BJP treated Advani made this even truer. Everyone wants the blessing of the Jan Sangh and BJP founder, but they don’t want to hear what he has to say.

For a party like BJP, which speaks uninterrupted on the values and wants to show it as the sole upholder of Indian values, the way they treated Advani ji is rude.

This is All About finding a Polarizing figure

In the race for BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate, Modi defeated Advani.

Looking at the things from a non ambiguous perspective, all the talk of development and Administrative capability is sham. The Prime Minister’s post in India is not one which primarily requires both these traits. That apart, Modi may have been the CM of Gujarat the third time, but no one is asking why Gujarat is doing ordinarily in the human development indicators. All the development pitching is similar to the one which BJP is busy propagating all the time — That the UPA government is soft on China. To clear the air, the Atal Bihari Vajpayee led NDA Government actually signed the declaration that Tibet is an integral part of China.

Modi defeated Advani in the race for BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, as the race was all about finding a more polarizing figure. Lal Krishna Advani may have demolished Babri Masjid, did Rath Yatra; but in an increasingly neural middle class in India (those doing brainy jobs), Modi’s double meaning statements were found to be more potent than Advani Speak. That apart, Advani never actually tried to present him as a development messiah, the way Modi did. This resulted in BJP going for a Modi, even when he took an active part in the Anti-quota protests in early nineties, followed by Gujarat riots in 2002.

The 2014 Lok Sabha election planners sitting at BJP are actually eyeing the Hindu votes, and are least bothered by the votes of dalits or muslims. They are hoping that Modi’s face will do this polarization. Only time will tell, if their hopes are fulfilled.

To conclude, Twitter and Facebook are not India. Hence claiming, the entire India wants Modi as BJP’s PM candidate is incorrect. Yes, the overwhelming majority of BJP voters and cadre do want Modi as PM.