Air Fryer being pushed to Health Conscious Indians !

These days, Philips Air Fryer TV Advertisement is being aired in India. Air fryer is a common kitchen appliance outside India, but India is yet to get familiar with it. Air fryers use hot air to desiccate and cook the food, through and around which the air is passed. Desiccation is the process of removing moisture from a substance.

philips-hd-air-fryerThe said Phillips Air Fryer TV advertisement focuses on the product’s ability to allow healthy cooking with too little oil. Actually the much bigger benefit of an air fryer is its ability to preserve and enhance the flavours of the food cooked. Since  air fryers use air to devoid the food of its moisture, they keep intact the flavours which are usually lost in conventional cooking. The very idea of an air fryer, first came from a Chemistry lab, where some bored scientist used the Scientific Air dessicator in his lab to dessicate his food. And was amazed to see the results of such desiccation.

Keeping in view , the absence of foods in India which can be cooked in a hot desiccator, the Philips Airfryer TV advertisement presents it as a kitchen appliance which can be used to make Indian fast food such as Aaloo tikiyas (potato patties) in no time and with least hassle. Still, going by the eating habits of Indians , food of India and the absence of fresh snacking culture in Indian homes, the use of air fryers in India is quite limited. Snacking is a big no, for health conscious and affluent Indians.