Ajmal Kasab’s Execution saw Political Parties and Groups Contradicting their Own Speak

Before going to the Pith of the write-up, it’s important to put clearly what I feel about Mohammad Amir Ajmal Kasab’s Execution by Hanging.

1) There’s nothing wrong in executing Kasab: It may appear inhuman to groups like People’s Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL) and to a large section of Indian citizens (who see killing a man a sin); but if India has the provision of Death Sentence, then it can indeed be exercised. That apart, the sentence is given in rarest of rare cases. Dhananjay Chatterjee, who molested and killed a small girl, was executed; so is Ajmal Kasab (who killed many innocent people). In addition, on the question of counter-terrorism, we can surely follow what our Courts provided under Constitution prescribe.

2) Government rightly kept the Execution a Top Secret: Although some of the Indians were of the opinion that Kasab should have been hanged publicly. I support the Government’s stand to carry it secretly.

Death is not a public spectacle. If such suggestions are acted on, then India will be no different from Afghanistan. Here it’s important to understand that, even funerals at public places, like the recent one of Bal Thakery at Shivaji Stadium in Mumbai, should also be stopped. Simply because, they make a spectacle in death. That apart, when people differentiate between the Corpse of a Powerful, rich and influential person and a commoner; they indirectly rob dignity from the death of a Homeless man (You may have noticed police and hospitals disposing homeless and unidentified bodies in the open, for dogs and vultures to tear down). Hence irrespective of their political affiliations, Governments should make strict laws regarding that.

Not to ignore, there’s always a liklihood of tension developing between processionists or with others. 

On this foundation, lets come to today’s write-up’s pith.

And the Pith is: Ajmal Kasab’s Execution saw Political Parties and Groups  Contradicting their Own Speak.

Post Ajmal Execution, I noticed a strong urge among political parties and groups and even citizens to gain. And the Gains ranged from normal to Evil.

Gain 1: An attempt to have a normal gain from the execution came from the UPA government at Centre and Congress-NCP Government in Maharashtra. Both the governments tried to convey the point that they are not slack, when it comes to terrorism. The Normal Gain here, was to give a positive message to the Mumbaikars and Indians, who wanted Kasab to be executed without delay, that there’s no liniency to the person who attacked the one billion plus nation. If Bal Thakery’s death has created a void, then it’s time to gain some territory. 

Gain 2: An attempt to have an exceptional gain from the Execution came from principal Opposition party, the BJP. They welcomed the execution, but with some ‘Buts’. Like, BJP Spokespersons said, “the execution was a welcome step, but it took 4 long years. And the courts could have proceeded and closed the case in just a few months”. This may be true OR may not be true (if one takes into account the motto of Indian Judiciary, “Even if 100 culprits are set free, Not a single innocent person is wrongly punished”). But a bigger vicious attempt to gain comes afterwards.

Forgetting that they have just criticized Indian judiciary for its “Slow Functioning and truckloads of rules to work under” ; the same spokespersons later question the Government’s decision to “Execute Kasab in a Top Secret manner”. Now they put the Government in dock for not following the rule of Law for conducting such Executions, and raise questions — “Why The Court and other agencies informed?”, “why Jail Authorities kept in dark?”, etc. 

Any intelligent person can see that the Gain being attempted here is much vicious. When earlier, you were unhappy with Indian Judiciary taking its time to follow the book; why you want all the Rules to be followed now?

Gain 3: An attempt to have midicre Gain from the execution came from non-political and quasi-political groups, like PUCL and IAC. Arvind Kejriwal’s IAC’s agenda is well reported now. The agenda for PUCL, who interestingly even marched condemning Kasab’s execution with banners and posters today, may have emanated from the desire to pull some money inform of Foreign funding (by those who are lobbying for death sentence to be abolished).

What I observed after Kasab execution, tells me that, more than securing its borders from Pakistan; India should also create a Special Intelligence wing to solely deal with the incidents of terror in the country. Only when this wing, honestly and with professional integrity investigates each bomb blast in the country, the country will be safe. Blaming Pakistan minutes after every bomb blast won’t serve Indian citizens much; especially in a country where Gains are so aplenty.