Alchemist Author brings ‘Adultery’ for Book lovers in India

Paulo Coelho shot to world-wide fame after his The Alchemist. In recent days, his book By The river Piedra I sat down and wept is warming the readers in India. Warming because, the book is about two young people, who had crush on each other during childhood; and who now in their 20s, have met once again. Now adults, far away from any childhood stupid moments, they often sit on the bank of river Piedra France, and try to make sense of their feelings towards each other. Deep in their hearts, they are actually searching for some possibility to revive flame, if any. They are not only struggling in reviving that love, they are also trying to forgive the other for any disconnect.

Paulo Coelho’s another new book came in July. The book is titled Adultery. Has Coelho able to weave a story without judgemental thoughts ? only reading will tell.