Alien Particles added 4k extra EVM votes to one Candidate | Clever Article

I found this article very problematic. The article from an English Business Daily informs the readers about some Alien space particles carrying energy to interfere with the operation of the microelectronic circuits inside present-day gadgets such as smartphones, etc. According to the article these sub atomic particles may be the reason behind anything you don’t have a reason for regarding your mobile and other gadgets. Such as a sudden blue screen or an incident from Schaerbeek, Belgium, in 2003 where due to these alien particles an electronic voting machine added a couple of thousand extra votes to one candidate. The article quickly adds that since these alien particles don’t do any physical damage to the circuitry hence it’s difficult to tell what caused the machine to act weirdly.

I hope you would have also guessed what makes the linked article problematic. It tells at lengths about some alien particles capable of causing havoc, but instead of giving some examples, quotes some example of an EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) malfunction from 2003 from some place in Belgium.

In simple, the article seems to be shared just to create a perception that EVMs sometimes get manipulated by some act of Aliens, that is without any human intervention.

Very Clever Right!