All Rafale Questions Answered… Hindi Newspapers Inform Readers!

rafale questions, rahul gandhi rafale questions, piyush goyal, rhaul modi liarOne of the prominent reports today in many Hindi newspapers is :

Rahul Gandhi telling lie after lie on the Rafale issue: Piyush Goyal


Piyush Goyal rubbishes all the questions raised by the Congress party on Rafale issue


Piyush Goyal answers all the 5 questions raised by Rahul Gandhi on Rafale fighter purchase

But the funny thing about all these reports is that although all of them aim to cover the same information about latest Rafale controversy, none of these reports tells the reader:

What questions raised by Rahul Gandhi have been answered.

What lies Rahul Gandhi told the people on Rafale issue.

How can the reader know that Rahul Gandhi is telling lie after lie.

Because these reports are either tiny one column on page 11; OR when given more space, seem to be some act of creative writing conveying how aggressively the questions have been brushed aside; OR they are just reporting only what the Govt.’s stand is.

To conclude, reading such reports is plain waste of time and money.