“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” IIT-JEE 2012 Topper lives by this wisdom

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a proverb which means that without time off from work, a person becomes both bored and boring. And boredom starts showing in his/her work.

IIT-JEE 2012 topper Arpit Aggarwal admits that he watched movie on exam eve. Talking to Hindu, this year’s IIT-JEE AIR 01 Arpit Agrawal said,

“I watched a movie, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, the day before my exam. I was definitely lucky that it was on TV. It was loaded with so many emotions [that all the tension of the exam was driven from my mind].”

A student of Modern Vidya Niketan in Faridabad, Delhi, Arpit says he does not believe that topping the exams comes down to the number of hours of preparation.

In his words,

“Everyone require different hours to prepare. The best way is to revise what you learn on the same day.”

Arpit Aggarwal is not alone, many successful people have emphasized on Smart effort rather than ‘number of hours studied’. Timely revision, clearing one’s doubts on a daily basis, working on Basics & Fundamentals, practising Test papers are always been listed as keys to success. As far as parents are concerned, if they provide to a child facilities best to their ability, encourage him/her to dream big, and ensure that the child doesn’t get bored with studies, they can ensure a phenomenal result from the child.

A Tip for parents:

They should practice Quality Control and Quality Assurance at the same time.

Quality control means ensuring the quality of a finished product at the LAST POINT. For instance, a small electrical company created 10 inverters. Brought all 10 to the owner’s table, owner tested them, found 2 faulty. Sent the faulty ones back to the manufacturing department. Pasted an ‘Approval’ sticker on the remaining eight, and sent them to sales department.

You should don the role of Quality Control Inspector as well. Rather than focussing on number of hours the child sits with a book in his/her hand, focus on the number of marks he/she secures in school, coaching tests and examinations. If the child fares poorly in three consecutive tests, you then take the role Quality Assurance Expert.

Quality Assurance means assuring the Quality. And how quality is assured? By ensuring quality at every stage of manufacturing process, i.e. right from ensuring the quality raw materials to ensuring a zero defect output at each point in the Assembly line. So that the final product is of Quality.

With respect to the role of parents, this means checking whether the child has best raw material (study material & books, guidance, atmosphere etc.) and its quality being ensured at individual points (regular study, Timely revision, clearing one’s doubts on a daily basis, working on Basics & Fundamentals, practising Test papers etc.).

How to practice both simultaneously? By simply following this Rule of Thumb: Your role as a parent is that of an always vigilant Quality Assurance Expert, who is assuring quality based on a clear understanding of what is expected of the kid and how that should be approached.

While Assuring Quality, as a parent try to focus on what you as a parent MAY NOT BE DOING OR DOING, and try to rectify that. You will have the opportunity to don the role of a Quality control Inspector, when you have to comment on a school/coaching test performance of your child. This is the right opportunity to underline once more “the benchmarks on which you are appraising the performance and reiterating the game plan once again”.


Every student and his/her parents, wants phenomenal success. But very few are actually able to create it.

Success which has many aspects to it needs to be chased in the most practical manner possible. Without being too much bathetic about it. Onus of success lies equally on the individual and those around. That’s why we often hear “people instrumental in my success” OR “or people who contributed in my success”.