Why “Alleged Indian Army coup 2012” in NEWS Again?

Whether it be ‘fake coup plot or alleged possible coup plot’. Why is it in news again?

Just 90 days to Lok Sabha polls, BJP has brought back the “alleged Indian Army coup plot” under the previous UPA rule in 2012. The party has blamed the Congress for creating a fake coup plot for defaming the Army. According to this report, Union minister and former Army chief General V K Singh (retd) on Wednesday also wrote to the present Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to order a high-level probe into the conspiracy.

What is the possible reason for an all of a sudden revival of the “Fake Army coup plot” by the BJP?

The BJP now claims that UPA-2 government’s at least two top cabinet ministers had “leaked” the “a possible coup” related information to the Sunday Guardian. The party is attacking the previous United Progressive Alliance (UPA) 2 government for allegedly leaking to the media an inaccurate story about a coup allegedly being plotted by the army seven years ago, citing a report published by The Sunday Guardian.

Did any “Army coup related” report get published in an Indian newspaper in 2012?

This is the “alleged possible coup attempt front-page newspaper report” (The report is still there). In the report it had been said that the central intelligence agencies had reported an “unexpected and non-notified” movement by two key military units in the direction of New Delhi on the night of January 16.

So why did the alleged possible Indian Army coup story resurfacing now?


Because BJP has cited a story published in the Sunday Guardian 4 days ago.

So where do we stand today?

It must be noted that the then PM Manmohan Singh, and defence minister A K Antony had dismissed the April 04, 2012 original report of the Indian newspaper as “alarmist” and “absolutely baseless”. The Government declared the troop movements as routine and meant for training.

It must also be noted that some time in 2015, during the present NDA Government, former Army chief General V K Singh (retd) has wrote to the present prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi set up an inquiry into the matter. The present Govt. didn’t act at that time.

It must also be noted that broadly speaking neither the Congress nor any one in the opposition has spoken about the “Possible coup or fake coup” in public after 2012. In recent days the major demands made by the Opposition are on job data numbers, and other probes.

So the question we have with us today is — Will it be possible to conduct an inquiry in the “alleged 2012 possible coup reports”  ONLY 60 or 90 days before the next Indian General elections?

Particularly when many JPC (Parliamentary Committee) demands in recent times have been turned down by the present Government.