Allow Your Baby to create Mess and get dirty: Study

As a parent you can allow your Baby to create Mess and get dirty. As a doting parent you can simply watch her/him learn!

Even doting moms complain of their messy babies — The babies who create a lot of mess. Although they can continue affectionately complaining about their baby’s uncivilized eating, playing and studying habits; they must encourage it, especially after reading the findings of a new Study.

According to a new study: Messy Babies or Children Can Learn Better.

The study finds that Babies who were allowed to make a mess are more likely to be able to name the items they were playing with when compared to babies who were tidy.

This may seem to be a lot of work for the parents (in cleaning up the mess), but parents with young children must know that an infant or a toddler is learning new skills (be it eating, playing, observing etc.); hence she/he is bound to create a lot of mess while feeding, playing or studying. Hence instead of the mess, the parents must focus on the child’s attempt to discover, study and learn from the activity he/she is involved in. In simple, it’s child’s way of making some sense of the world around, learn motor skills etc.

Thus as a parent, you must monitor the child, and encourage her/him to try things on her/his own. The objective here is not to teach a child how to remain clean, but how she/he makes sense of the things on his/her own. What seems like a Child’s play is actually a learning process. The child is learning the shapes, feel, sounds, other qualities of a product by touching, exploring, throwing, breaking the product.

This doesn’t mean you as a parent not offering help when the child looks up to you for some.

For this study, the research team headed by Dr. Larissa Samuelson recruited 72 young children who were all aged 16-months. The children were given 14 different non-solid products that were mostly food. The researchers selected items that would be easy to throw, spread or eat. Some of the foods were apple sauce, ketchup, jelly, soup and juice.Each food item was given a name that contained one syllable.

Why Messy babies become better learners?

The answer may be found by looking at how human adults learn new skills.

As adults we too learn things by trial and error and by making numerous mistakes. In simple, adults are no different than babies. We adults are constantly trying to make sense of things happening around us.