Amar Bose … who gave you Music Systems to Brag about… Passes Away

Amar Bose, the man behind Bose Music System passes away this friday. Wills Navy cut cigarette, Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, Royal Enfield lovers will be Sad.


When I was in College, a friend once said this of his future plans: I’ll remain unmarried, buy a Royal Enfield and Bose Music System. And Live Life to the Hilt. When another friend asked him, How will he make for the absence of a girl in his life? He said, the girlfriends will do.

Many years now, he is married though. And most of those who preached him that day, on the necessity of a legally acquired wife, are wandering single. Many such are busy contemplating, whether following this guy’s wisdom on Girlfriends was good?

But that’s not the point here. The point here is the iconic status many gadgets acquire in our lives. Wills Navy cut cigarette, Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses, Royal Enfield, and an expensive Bose Music System are some notables.

Amar BoseThe news is:

Amar Bose, the inventor of Bose audio systems an entrepreneur with difference, passed away at 83 this Friday.


Amar Bose, the visionary, who redefined how We experience Music:

Amar Bose, the visionary engineer and inventor of the world-famous Bose audio systems, was a perfectionist till the end.

Amar G Bose, founder and chairman of Bose Corp, who died at 83 on Friday at his home in Wayland, Massachusetts, created one of the first and best known global audio systems brands. You say Bose, and the other person instantly knows you are referring to Expensive and scientifically calibrated Sound.


The Name:

Talking to ET in 2004, Amar Bose revealed that the decision to name the company as “Bose” wasn’t really his decision. the decision was that of Professor YW Lee, his mentor and adviser.

It was 1964, the year Bose Corp was founded. The team was trying out various combinations with ‘acoustics’ and ‘electronics’ but couldn’t register any of them, because of their unavailability or them being too generic to award a registration. Then Professor Lee gave Bose some tips on how to choose a good name. His tips included, keeping the name simple, not restricted to some particular meaning.  His logic was, like any entrepreneur, Amar Bose can’t say for sure what his company will be making 5 years on. The advice appeared logical. And the new company was christened Bose Corp. The name was meaningless for an American, but easy to pronounce at the same time. Short name also meant that the logo didn’t take too much space [Interestingly, Akio Morita named his electronics Company Sony, on the same logic ].

Amar Bose was a graduate student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It was during his MIT years, he became interested in Sound. Bose who remain associated with the premier tech school through his life, as PhD, professor and then professor emeritus, it was his disappointment with the speakers in a stereo system that he bought as an MIT student that was the trigger for setting up Bose Corp in 1964. He kept researching Sound throughout his life, constantly improving it. Bose himself had been involved with many of the products from his company’s stable over the years, including noise-cancelling headphones and audio systems for cars. But the world will keep remembering Amar Bose for being the inventor of the world-famous Bose audio systems.



Amar Bose was the son of an immigrant from Kolkata, Nani Gopal Bose, who had to flee to the US because he had evoked the wrath of the British rulers with his nationalist activities. He was born and raised in Philadelphia, USA and just as Apple Founder Steve Jobs was passionate about Computers since his teens, Bose was passionate about electronics and electrical equipment.

Amar Bose founded Bose Corp in 1964, at age 34, now headquartered at Framingham, Massachusetts, USA.


Foundation of Bose Corp:


It’s widely been reported that the final motivation for the foundation of Apple Inc, came during Steve Jobs India Stay. In mid seventies, Jobs came to India, in search of a Guru who can teach him transcendental meditation. At the end of his stay here in India, during which he lived the life of a Hippy and tried some hallucinating concoctions to achieve the transcendental meditation state, Steve got to know about Baba Neem Karoli at Kainchi Ashram, Nainital. He was told, the mystic baba was the only authority living on this planet on TM. Jobs reached Kainchi, but it was too late. Baba had already left the Earth. It’s believed that, although he couldn’t have the opportunity to learn TM from the master; he did get the necessary motivation to found Apple. The idea for slightly bitten Apple Logo, also came during his Kainchi stay. While in his life time and even after his nirvan, distributing Apples was a normal practice in Kainchi. Steve is said to have seen an abandoned Apple, possibly by some child, with just one bite mark.

That said, Amar Bose too has a similar story about the stimuli to the foundation of Bose Corp.

As a  Fulbright scholar in India in 1956, Bose visited the Ramakrishna Mission in Bangalore, where he learnt a very important lesson in life from one of the Gurus. He asked him if all his ideas came after a long analytical process or as a flash of inspiration. He then realised it was the — Flash of Inspiration. Particularly when it came to founding a Company.

What was the Lesson Learned: Every Thing can’t be researched. There are ideas and flashes of Brilliance.


Researcher First, Businessman or entrepreneur later:

An innovator and Researcher at heart, for Amar Bose, the way to bestselling products could only come through dedicated long-term research. A scenario where funds needed to be ploughed back without having to answer questions from investors. This may have led to some disappointments sometimes.


Final Years of Amar Bose:

Amar Bose, a billionaire who figured many times on the Forbes lists of richest Americans, in 2011, donated a majority of his company’s shares to MIT. The arrangement is simple: MIT will get the annual cash dividends from the shares donated. Bose who leaves behind his son and daughter Vanu and Maya. Both of who are not working at Bose. Like Father, they are pursuing their own entrepreneurial paths.

The son Vanu, 48, also an MIT alumnus, is an entrepreneur and runs his own company Vanu Inc. For Vanu, his father had always been a best friend and adviser.

Amar Bose will be remembered by those who know there’s something called Quality of Sound.