Amazon India: Only received Delivery SMS & Not the Products

I ordered two products from amazon India. A D-Link DSL-2600U Wireless 11n ADSL2+ Router ORDER # 171-0004754-1835527 and a Simplex Camera Tripod Order No. 171-0004754-1835527. I ordered both two times. Both the times opting for Money on Delivery Option. In between I even talked to Amazon customer Care. But unfortunately, I never received the products, even the second time. The second time though, I received an SMS from the Courier, telling me that my product has been delivered and how happy they are to serve me.  

The reasons for the above are simple. Since I ordered the products with “Payment on Delivery” the courier company didn’t find it fit to deliver the products at an address which is out of their way.

Things like these make amazon India or , a second choice among Indians. A buyer orders a product not to disown them later. He orders them because he needs them. If Amazon can’t deliver products at every address in India, then it must put in place a Flipkart type system, where the buyer gets to know before ordering, whether the product can be delivered at his/her chosen address or not. Unfortunately, Amazon imposes too much faith on Courier and lets you place the order, and many days later, you are told that the address is inaccessible. Sometimes you’re not told even that. For instance, I never received that intimation.

I waited for nearly two months for the products and Only received Delivery SMS & Not the Products.