Ambuja Cement Advertisement uses Mastercard Trick!

Some truths are eternal. That’s whatever way you look at them, they seem true.

MasterCard Incorporated or MasterCard Worldwide, an American multinational financial services corporation known throughout the world for its principal business of processing payments and its “MasterCard” brand debit and credit cards to make purchases; has a great slogan : There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

The slogan simply means : Money can buy only those things which have price tag on them. You can’t buy PRICELESS with money.

Mastercard used its slogan cleverly in a series of quite compelling advertising campaigns. Have a look at one of the Mastercard ads below:

How true. If a toddler (the baby who has started walking) is more attracted to a cardboard package, a thing we adults normally throw in the waste bin; then watching that toddler amuse herself/himself, is PRICELESS.

Ambuja Cements is running a similar advertisement these days.

In this Ambuja Cements ad, a teacher asks a somewhat distracted kid to tell an essay about Wall. The boy begins by saying: Walls are of two types — Good walls and Bad Walls. Amply surprised by the reply, the teacher asks the student to elaborate the difference between a Good and a Bad Wall. To this the boy replies: My friend Iqbal is a great cricketer. But now he doesn’t play with us. My Uncle says, an invisible wall has been created between us and them. This makes the teacher gloomy and contemplative.

The Ambuja Advertisement ends with the line:

Tod Deni chahiye Woh Deewarien, jo humein dararein paida karein; Aur Mazboot deewaron ke liye sirf ambuja cement.

in English means : Lets break those walls which create disparity and disharmony among us; For other strong Walls, there’s Ambuja Cement.


Just like Mastercard ad, No person can argue the truth conveyed by Ambuja Cements advertisement. That’s why the ad is brilliant. Ambuja Cement Advertisement has perfectly replicated the Mastercard Trick! What makes the ad even more contemplative ! is its timing.